{Rays Weekend Update}

Friday was a very low key night for us. I went home sick with the stomach bug (it's been "flying" around the office again), so it was a movie night for us.

Saturday the tummy was still not in great shape, but we had tickets to the Rays game with Jeff's best friend. You can see John being alittle creeper behind Jeff.

After the concert The Rays had there summer concert series and REO Speedwagon was playing. I think these guys are a little to old to be sporting tight leather pants.
The Rays played a great game and we won. As soon as the game was over we went to visit Jeff's grandmother. I went in the other room to sleep cause I was starting not to feel well. After and hour or so we went home and I went to bed/ watch tv.

Sunday Jeff's mom wanted to go to the Rays Game and called us. Sadley my stomach was still upset and I fell asleep at the game on Jeff's sholder. He was so sweet and did not move an inch, in fear that I would wake up. The Rays lost but my MIL still had a wonderful time.

So that was my Rays Weekend Recap.

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Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Glad y'all had a great weekend watching the Rays! Of course, I'm a Braves girl, though lol :) Thank you so much for your sweet comments lately-they make my day! xoxo