Today is voting day!!!!

Hair Cut Time

I can't believe I am going to admit this out loud, but i have not gone to get my hair cut in over a year. I would forget to make an appointment, not have enough allowance to get it done. But thanks to my wonderful momma it is getting cut on Saturday.

For the past 6 months i have curled my hair everyday to hide the dead ends. Momma called me a classy hillbilly and couldn't have a daughter of hers walk around with split ends.

Now how do i want it cut... I could not think of any stars hair that i really liked. Then on My Style last night a new show aired called Meet the Amandas. Jackpot! I am in love with Amanda's hair style. I will make mine a little longer then hers but basically the same idea. I am so hoping that it will turn out good.

photos from MyStyle

What do y'all think? Can I pull it off?


What I'm loving Wednesdays!

Happy Wednesday everybody. This week has been fun/ not so fun week for me. The fun part is Gable is finally home from all of his work trips!!! I am so excited to be waking up next to him, watching our shows together and just seeing his handsome face every night he comes home from work. The not so fun part is he came home sick... and got me sick. The even worse part is my midwife wont give me anything to take. So I stayed home the past two days and slept! Today I am starting to feel like myself again. You just got to love flu and cold season.

This weekend I made organic applesauce (heaven). It is so delicious.

I have also started getting the decoration together for the Gender Reveal Party. We have our appointment on Feb 9th, and want to tell both of our families at the same time. So that Saturday we are having a dinner at my parents house and then revealing what Baby G is! Gable and I both think Baby G is a girl, but if we are blessed with a boy instead we will still be more then excited!!!

I have been looking at things that we need to register for. We know that Babies r Us will be the main place we register and then the bedding will be from Pottery Barn Kids. This first time momma could use some help! What are some things that you really recommend to be put on the registry, and what are some items that I shouldn't even register for.

The last thing that I am really loving this Wednesday is we have signed up for our Bradley classes. I can't wait! Sadly Gable will be out of town for some of them, but my momma will be at those classes.

Wise men store up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool invites ruin. Proverbs 10:14


What I'm Loving Wednesday

It has been way to long since the last time I have blogged. There is a ton to be caught up on and I am hoping I can do that this weekend. But for now I pray that everyone is having a wonderful week!

I am loving that Gable and I have had our prayers answered and are expecting!!! I am 14 weeks pregnant with Baby G!

I am loving that my niece wrote this in her journal for the day….
“My Auntie Amy is having a Baby”
Then she made half the page pink and the other blue, cause we don’t know what Baby G is.

I am loving that my best friend’s wedding is now less than two months away!

I am loving that I will see the hubby Friday! It has been way to long since I have cuddled with him.

I am loving that my cousin made the UF’s 2012 Baseball Team!!! Go Todd!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed my loves for the day!!!