{Happy Birthday Fawny!}

It is my baby's 8th birthday!


{happy news}

Jeff and I just spoke to his doctor and we have great news. Jeff is still in remission! We have a couple of areas that needs to be monitored, but nothing to worry about. Thank you for your prayers!

Rejoice in the LORD, you who are righteous, and praise his holy name.
~Psalm 97:12


{mayo clinic}

we are on our way to our yearly trip to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. Please keep us in your prayers for traveling mercy's and that Jeff is showing no signs of cancer!


{crawfish festival}

So we went to the Vinoy Parks Crawfish festival. They had some fun music and Jeff made me go on the dance floor with him. After dancing we worked up an appetite for some yummy crawfish (Jeff was so excited to go he LOVEs Crawfish)! We could not have asked for a nicer Florida day.

Our feast!



So last night was really crazy. Jeff would not stop getting sick, he was scaring me pretty badly. Around 11:30pm I took him to Bayfront ER. We waited about an hour for him to get looked at. he kept getting sick, there was nothing i could do and i felt so bad for him. At 12:30 Jeff was taken back put on an iv and was sent off for some scans. They said Jeff had a bad stomach bug and that he should be better in 24 hours. We were at the hospital till 5:30am, and got home around 6am.

It was a very long night but I am so happy that Jeff is feeling better.