I'm linking up to This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday

USF Football has started back up. Our team is looking horrible this year, but I still love my BULLS!

I ordered Caleb's Birth Announcement and can't believe how well they turned out.

Pumpkin Beer is back!!!

I bought Caleb some tank tops. They are perfect for this Florida heat!

Our Cloth Diapers came in the mail. We have a friend that uses these, and I learned that cloth diapering is really not as bad as people make it out to being. After we have used these for awhile I will write a post about them.

Our sweet baby boy smiles so much now. It melts my heart every time he smiles at me!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Bitter Sweet Times!

Well today marks the two month birthday of my sweet baby boy. Mother hood is more amazing than I could have ever thought of. My days are filled with his smiles along with wearing my PJ's all day with spit up on them, never having anytime to eat, and getting to take a shower these days is like winning the lotto. But i wouldn't change any of it. It is very true with what they say about having a little boy... you fall in love with them.
Now onto a more serious subject... going back to work. This subject has had my anxiety growing more rapidly everyday. My heart is breaking because I don't want to leave my little man. If work will allow me, to go part time that would be better but I just don't like being away from him. He is now on a routine and I know it will be thrown off when he is with his sitter. I can already tell that the first day back is going to be a horrible day for me. I am having a hard time talking about it, I just start tearing up. Gable has asked me how I am feeling about it, and I just change the subject. I feel like I would rather stay in denial then discuss leaving Caleb and going back to work. I don't believe we have anyway around this, and I just need to put my big girl pants on.
But if you ladies could pray for me! Pray that it will be easier and to just get over it.