What do you think of my hair. My hair dress gave me side bangs, and some blonder highlights.

I actually walked into the salon thinking I was going to dye it back to my natural hair color.


St. Louis Here I Come!!!

I am so excited!!! My parents are taking me on a vacation to St. Louis next Thursday - Sunday. We have some family up in that area and property with a cabin on it. We are also going to the Arch and the Budweiser Brewery. But not sure of what else to do there. J has been a couple of times but he goes for work and has never seen the sites.

Have any of y'all ever been to St. Louis? Anything fun we should check out while we were there?


Week 4 - Meaning behind your blog name

The meaning of my blog name is very simple. "Simple Me" I wanted a blog that is honest and a place that I can be myself.


My Birthday

I had the best birthday! My family is truly amazing!
Sadly when I woke up on my birthday J was not home. He was on a business trip :( But my parents called at the crack of down to sing to me. When I arrived to work this was on my desk. (picture below) My mom bought me these flowers and this coconut cake ball. My boss and coworkers sang to me and surprised me with chocolate chip cookies.
For lunch my Dad and Sis met up with mom and me at Olive Garden. We had so much fun and laughed so hard. The lunch ended up being more than just about me. My sis found out that she passed nursing school, so we celebrated that as well. I am so proud of her!
After lunch J surprised me at work. I was not expecting to see him until 6:30 that night. I showed him my new cube, and moms new office. After work I went shopping with some birthday money from the grandparents. And then J and I met my sister at Ceviche's. We had the best time.

The three of us at Ceviche's

I love him!

My baby sis and me!
After dinner J and I went to his parents house so I can open my gift from them. She also surprised me with a cake. We were so full from dinner but managed to eat some cake.
That kind of sums up my day. Thanks to my wonderful family. I love you guys and galls!


Week Three - Recent Picture, 15 Interesting Facts About You

Sorry this is a day late :)
Recent Picture

This was taken in St. Augustine last month.

15 interesting facts... Ok I am truly not interesting enough for 15 facts.

1. I am a huge crafter!

2. I can whistle with my mouth open. I will have to take video and show you.

3. I grew up as a Navy Brat. LOVE THE NAVY!

4. I work with my mama

5. I know how to Line Dance :)

6. I was named after the Song Amy... "Amy, what you going to do. I think that I'm going to stay here with you. For awhile maybe longer if I DOOOOO".

7. I intern for the GOP during the Election time.

8. I sell Mark makeup

9. I use to be a Event Planner. I now work for a bank, but I still help out with family and friends party's.

10. I only hit parked cars. Yes, I have hit 9 cars and they were all parked! J calls me Rexie, because I am like T-Rex... I can't see non moving abjects :)

11. I hate the heat! And yes I live in Florida.

12. I can never have enough Tea!!!

13. I love to cook, but I hate it when someone else is in the kitchen trying to help me.

15. My biggest pet peeve is when people don't use there manners.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I cannot believe that today I turn 25! I feel old... but on the up side. I can now rent a car and my auto insurance goes down. So exciting!!!

Facts on 1985 (the year I was born :) ):

- Video game Tetris released
- Joint American/ French expedition locates the wreck of the Titanic
- Microsoft release first version of Windows
- First Blockbuster Video Store opens
- Nancy Regan begins 'Just Say No' Anti-Drug Campaign
- Madonna launches 'The Virgin Tour'

Movie Hits: Back to the Future, Cocoon, Rambo 2, The Color Purple
TV Hits: Larry King Live, Macgyver, The Golden Girls
Music Hits: Take on me (a-ha), Shout (Tears and Fears), Into the Groove (Madonna)


Halloween Craft :)

So yesterday at work I decided that I needed a little bit of Halloween Decorations. So this is what I put together last night.


Week Two - Favorite Movie(s)

I have an old soul. Or that is what I have been told since I was a kid. I love brooches, cardigans, cross stitching, antiques and many more things that makes me fit that categories. Now if you’re wondering why I am telling you this? I was thinking of my favorite movies and these are the once that I absolutely love.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Young Frankenstein

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Fried Green tomatoes

I could watch these movies once a week and never get tired of them. If you have not seen them they are a must watch.


I've been Tagged!!!

Southern Cinderella has tagged me in a little game! I have to answer her 8 questions, then tag 8 people to answer 8 NEW questions that I make up :) Sound fun? Come join the fun!

Here's Southern Cinderella’s questions that I have to answer.

1. What is your favorite holiday and why? Any traditions that you have that make this holiday special?
CHRISTMAS – I love this holiday. Not for the gift, but for spending time with family and friends. For the past 10 years my parents have hosted Christmas Eve at their house. We have a big feast with some not so traditional traditions. My dad and mom will take anyone in that does not have a family to share the holidays with. I think in total we have 12 people that are not family that come every year. My dad always says, “Family is not always blood”. And that is so true for us. The guys have started a tradition that is now known as Christmas Tequila shots. Basically the night flows like this. Everyone arrives to the house around 4pm. We have cocktails and appetizers. Then we all go to church together. After church it is dinner time. Then we have more cocktails, dessert, and a ton of laughs.

Christmas day J and I wake up exchange gifts together and head to my parents house. We open gifts with my sister and parents. Then after we are all done with gift, we call my dad’s side of the family over. We eat monkey bread, drink spiked coffee and open more gifts. After those gifts are done we eat this egg casserole that grams makes every year and fried apples. I love this holiday!

2. What is a favorite Halloween candy that you liked as a kid, or even one you like now?
I have no idea what they are called but they look and taste just like candy cigarettes. Those things are so yummy!

3. If you had $100,000,000.00what would you do with it?
Ok I am super practical, so my list are things that I would love to have now!

*J and I would start our own businesses.

*Buy J and me a nice home with… 4 bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, a large dining room so seat everyone in our families, a man’s room for J, a craft room for me, a dream kitchen, laundry room, living room, a family room, 2 door garage with a little extra room, and a nice size back yard. That is our dream home!

*Then I would get the truck he has been wanting for a long time, the Nissan Titan. I would get me the perfect mommy SUV, the Honda Pilot.

*I would give our siblings enough money to buy a home, or build on to the home they have now.

*Set money aside for college tuition's for our future kids and my Nephew (Carson) and Niece (Abby).

*Then I would by a home in the mountains. A place that any of our family and friends could use for a vacation.

*Put money away so J and I would never have to worry about medical bills, or dept.

*And spend money on all of the MAC makeup, Tiffany Jewelry, and LV purses I wanted 

4. What's your favorite food to get at a festival/fair?
One of the biggest festivals that we have in Florida is the Strawberry Festival. They make everything you can think of with strawberries. I would have to say my favorite thing to get at the one is the Super Strawberry Shortcake! It is so delicious!!!

5. What's your dream outfit consist of? Including accessories!!
I can honestly say that I have never thought of this question. I love dresses; it’s they only thing that makes me really comfortable. So I think my dream outfit is a sundress (blue) with brown cowboy boots. Then I would style it up with gold accessories.

6. If you were given a round trip ticket to anywhere, where would you go and why?
Ireland. From what I here it is breath taking, the people are so nice and love to have fun, and it is cold! I hate being hot (I know, I live in Florida!). My dad went there for the military once and said it was beautiful. Everywhere you went had a view.

7. Why did you start blogging?
Because I am a military brat and we moved around so much. I would try and keep all of my friends up to date but it was not that easy. So I figured I am going to start a blog, that way they can read it when they want to.

8. What's your favorite celebrity hairstyle?
Reese Witherspoon, Carrie Underwood & Jennifer Aniston

Here's the LOVELY girls I am tagging to play along! I choose some of my followers!

1. Brantley & Richard
2. Cobia Family
3. The World According to Meg
4. The Inspired House
5. An Army's wife Alaskan Adventure
6. Step Inside
7. And anyone else :)

Here are the 8 questions I choose for y'all to answer!!

1. What is the best gift you ever got at Christmas? Why?
2. If you could start your own business what would it by?
3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
4. Did you accomplished your 2010 New Year Resolutions?
5. Post a picture of your favorite Halloween decoration in your house.
6. What was your favorite vacation?
7. What is your favorite food?
8. What is your favorite picture?

*Thanks Southern Cinderella for tagging me!*


Weekend Recap

This weekend ended up being really chill. Jeff was getting back on Sunday and I couldn’t wait to see him. He was gone for over a week.

On Friday I had to get off work early and take Fawny to the Vet. She was limping and her foot looked like it might have been infected. After sending three hours there, I found out that she must have cut herself but it was healing. So she got a shot and we were off. I was getting bored at home, so I called the girlfriends and met them up for dinner. We went to BJ’s. I love their food, and they brew their own beer. After some much need laughs Breanna and I wanted to go to the Watering Trough. It’s a local Line Dance bar that my Grandma teaches at. We missed my Grams class, but had so much fun. I had not been in over two months, and I always forget how much of a workout it is. Because Grams works there we get treated really well. Any song we want to dance to they will play. I love it!

On Saturday I slept in till 11am. I never sleep in that late. The cats are our alarm clock on weekends. They wake us up to play for to feed them. But on Saturday I woke up and they were both sleeping next to me. I did some laundry and then went to my parent’s house. They are remodeling the kitchen and I wanted to see the progress. I did a little shopping and then headed home around 4ish. My girlfriend was going to the USF game with me that night. We decided to tailgate a bit different. We went to a restaurant down the road from the stadium. After a awesome Cuban sandwich, I realized I left the tickets at home. Luckily for us, I live right across the bridge. (I think you will only understand that if you live in the Tampa area) After grabbing the tickets we ran into Publix to get us some yummy Autumn Beer. When we got to the stadium they just started the game, but Kim and I were in no hurry. So we relaxed, laughed and watched the Jumbo Tron from the car. We did make it into the game around the second quarter. She loved J’s and mine season ticket seats. The Bulls were killing the Eagles! During half time we met up with some friends and hung out and talked. For me, when I go to the games I love to socialize! We made it back to our seats around the 4th quarter. We beat Florida Atlantic 00-00.

Kim and I wanted to do a girls night in after that, so we rented some movies and bought junk food. We rented the Back-up Plan with JLO. It was cute, and a total chick flick. She headed home around 1:30. I was so hyper for all of the sugar and started cleaning. At 3:30am I figured I should try to lay down and sleep. I think I pasted out when my head hit the pillow.

On Sunday the kids (cats) woke me up at 7:00am. I played catch with Taz (yes my cat plays catch) and got ready for Church. I usually go to Calvary Chapel which is 5 minutes from my house. But my best guy friend was being recognized at my old/ parents church. He has recently got out of the Marines boot camp and was moving to San Diego. Church was great, but it was so nice seeing all of my parent’s friends. I love them! We went to breakfast and had so much fun catching up. By noon I wanted to head home, because J was arriving around 1:30pm. I couldn’t wait to see him! He opened the door smelling earthy (nice way of saying, washing in river water with no soap does not cut it!) and giving me big kisses. We spent the rest of the day with us talking about our week without each other. And after dinner he gave me my yummy presents! I got Apple Butter, and the apples called Honey-Crisp. (The town the guys stopped hiking in had an apple festival going on.)
I hope everyone had a great weekend and an even better week!

Menu Monday

J is back home from his hiking trip and I can get back to cooking for two. So here is our menu for this week.

Monday – Steamed Shrimp with Cajun seasoning and corn of the cob

Tuesday - I am making J lasagna, so he can heat it up in the oven while I am at a class.

Wednesday – same thing as Tuesday. J is getting left over’s.

Thursday – Taco salads with fixings. I make J’s with turkey meat and I do black beans.

Friday – Fish with Green Beans. We are having Jeremy and Megan over for a little Pumpkin Carving Contest. I can’t wait to make pumpkin seeds, and drink autumn beer J

Saturday – We have a USF football game. Because it is a afternoon game we usually go out to eat after the game. Go BULLS!

Sunday – Dinner with my Parents. J and I get to see their brand new kitchen.