My Birthday

I had the best birthday! My family is truly amazing!
Sadly when I woke up on my birthday J was not home. He was on a business trip :( But my parents called at the crack of down to sing to me. When I arrived to work this was on my desk. (picture below) My mom bought me these flowers and this coconut cake ball. My boss and coworkers sang to me and surprised me with chocolate chip cookies.
For lunch my Dad and Sis met up with mom and me at Olive Garden. We had so much fun and laughed so hard. The lunch ended up being more than just about me. My sis found out that she passed nursing school, so we celebrated that as well. I am so proud of her!
After lunch J surprised me at work. I was not expecting to see him until 6:30 that night. I showed him my new cube, and moms new office. After work I went shopping with some birthday money from the grandparents. And then J and I met my sister at Ceviche's. We had the best time.

The three of us at Ceviche's

I love him!

My baby sis and me!
After dinner J and I went to his parents house so I can open my gift from them. She also surprised me with a cake. We were so full from dinner but managed to eat some cake.
That kind of sums up my day. Thanks to my wonderful family. I love you guys and galls!

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