Weekend Recap

This weekend ended up being really chill. Jeff was getting back on Sunday and I couldn’t wait to see him. He was gone for over a week.

On Friday I had to get off work early and take Fawny to the Vet. She was limping and her foot looked like it might have been infected. After sending three hours there, I found out that she must have cut herself but it was healing. So she got a shot and we were off. I was getting bored at home, so I called the girlfriends and met them up for dinner. We went to BJ’s. I love their food, and they brew their own beer. After some much need laughs Breanna and I wanted to go to the Watering Trough. It’s a local Line Dance bar that my Grandma teaches at. We missed my Grams class, but had so much fun. I had not been in over two months, and I always forget how much of a workout it is. Because Grams works there we get treated really well. Any song we want to dance to they will play. I love it!

On Saturday I slept in till 11am. I never sleep in that late. The cats are our alarm clock on weekends. They wake us up to play for to feed them. But on Saturday I woke up and they were both sleeping next to me. I did some laundry and then went to my parent’s house. They are remodeling the kitchen and I wanted to see the progress. I did a little shopping and then headed home around 4ish. My girlfriend was going to the USF game with me that night. We decided to tailgate a bit different. We went to a restaurant down the road from the stadium. After a awesome Cuban sandwich, I realized I left the tickets at home. Luckily for us, I live right across the bridge. (I think you will only understand that if you live in the Tampa area) After grabbing the tickets we ran into Publix to get us some yummy Autumn Beer. When we got to the stadium they just started the game, but Kim and I were in no hurry. So we relaxed, laughed and watched the Jumbo Tron from the car. We did make it into the game around the second quarter. She loved J’s and mine season ticket seats. The Bulls were killing the Eagles! During half time we met up with some friends and hung out and talked. For me, when I go to the games I love to socialize! We made it back to our seats around the 4th quarter. We beat Florida Atlantic 00-00.

Kim and I wanted to do a girls night in after that, so we rented some movies and bought junk food. We rented the Back-up Plan with JLO. It was cute, and a total chick flick. She headed home around 1:30. I was so hyper for all of the sugar and started cleaning. At 3:30am I figured I should try to lay down and sleep. I think I pasted out when my head hit the pillow.

On Sunday the kids (cats) woke me up at 7:00am. I played catch with Taz (yes my cat plays catch) and got ready for Church. I usually go to Calvary Chapel which is 5 minutes from my house. But my best guy friend was being recognized at my old/ parents church. He has recently got out of the Marines boot camp and was moving to San Diego. Church was great, but it was so nice seeing all of my parent’s friends. I love them! We went to breakfast and had so much fun catching up. By noon I wanted to head home, because J was arriving around 1:30pm. I couldn’t wait to see him! He opened the door smelling earthy (nice way of saying, washing in river water with no soap does not cut it!) and giving me big kisses. We spent the rest of the day with us talking about our week without each other. And after dinner he gave me my yummy presents! I got Apple Butter, and the apples called Honey-Crisp. (The town the guys stopped hiking in had an apple festival going on.)
I hope everyone had a great weekend and an even better week!

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All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Hey Amy, I enjoyed reading your blog. Glad that all is well with your kitty. Is the dance class owned by the grandmother that was dancing at your wedding? Mr. Rollie and I talk about her a lot. We were so impressed how well she could dance with your dad at her age. You and Jeff look so happy and your hair has gotten so long. It's gorgeous!!! Give your parents our love. Would love to see some of their remodeling. We know what hard work that is. Take care sweetie, Love Ms. Gina