Christmas - Part Three

After Christmas at my parents house J and I went home for a nap. Around 5:30 we headed to his uncles house for dinner and Chinese gift exchange. We had a blast! J ended up with $25 home depot gift card, and I got a beta fish (that J actually brought as his gift). When that was over we went to J's parents house to exchange gifts with his family. They do Christmas different then my family. They through the trash on the floor and leave it like that until the end. This may sound stupid to some people but for me, I can't stand that. I know it is Christmas, but it is a mess with two kids and eight adults.

My sweet niece Abby - I LOVE this girl so much!
"They went to Jared's" - Jenny was so funny when she opened her gift. J and I bought her a Pandora Bracelet at Jared's and when she opened it, she said that so dramatically. It was so funny!
Jeremy and Megan - I can't believe there wedding is only three months away.
John opening his Blue Ray from us.
Chris being goofy
Megan was so excited.
J and I are so blessed and thankful for all of our gifts! But I have to share my favorite thing that I got this year. Now if you read my blog you would know that we are HUGE USF Bulls fans. We have season tickets and bleed green and gold. Our super awesome brother-in-law Chris made us these USF corn hole games. Jenny said he worked on these for three weeks making them perfect! I started crying when I opened them.
After presents were opened and the kids were put to bed we sat around talking till 2:30am. Well I passed out in the guest room, cause I had a VERY long day!

Now that is all I have for Christmas updates :( I pray that everyone has a fantastic New Years! God Bless and be safe!


Christmas - Part Two

Christmas morning start sooooo early! We had to be at my patents house before 8:30, so we woke up at 7:00. J and I had a good morning together before meeting up with family. I made J a cup of hot coco and I had coffee. We gave the "kids" there gifts first. Taz got a new lazor pointer and Fawny got a new stuff animal. J and I are so blessed that we were able to give each other great gifts. Last year our finances did let us give each other a Christmas, but this year we were able to.
Warning I have no makeup on and J's hair looks like he has been electrocuted.

I got my Willow Tree Nativity I wanted. They are so beautiful.
One of our kids, Fawny. J got his new running watch A girl could never have enough Vera Bradly! J also bought me a matching makeup case.
J would not stop talking about this movie he wanted.
After our Christmas was over, we packed our car and headed to my parents house. Mom made us our drinks (as in alcohol in everything :)) and we sat down and opened gifts. In my family we do things very organized (and that is how I like it). Gifts are opened one at a time, so everyone can see what you got. And the trash is thrown away after opening.
I made Aj cry! Its not the best picture of what it is but, I made a word collage about us.
After the 5 of us exchange gifts we call my Grams, Uncle and his family over for more gifts and breakfast.
So cute!
My awesome cousins!
My uncles Fiance and her daughter. I love them!

Stayed tune for Part Three.


Now for the people up north this doesn't seam like anything big, but for a Florida girl (who wishes she lived up north) this is awesome! I woke up this morning to the weather being 21 degrees out side and frost (Florida snow) everywhere! I was so excited I just had to share.


Christmas - Part One

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Jeff and I are so blessed with a great family and awesome friends. The Schoenberger/Gable Christmas can be crazy (long!). I figured I would do this post in 3 parts. So here is the the first one.

Christmas Eve!!! Every year we start Christmas around noon with my mom's side of the family. we get together for lunch and exchange gifts.

Here is daddy trying on his (ugly kyle bush) shirt on that he got from my grandparents.

My grandfather is impossible to shop for, so this year I thought I would have fun with his gift. Our family is big in Nascar and he loves number 24, Jeff Gordon. So I found Nascar Lego's at target with his driver. But you can't build a car with out help so I also bought him the Lego pit crew. I was a big hit and he loved it!

Daddy LOVES his new golf shoes and hat.
My sis got Sex in the City movies.

Jeff was getting overwhelmed with all of the gifts.

After my grandparents left we all got ready for church. Traditionally every year before we go to church we take photos in front of my parents Christmas tree.

My incredible sis and I

After church we all go back to my parents house for a party. I don't have to many photo's because my dad took most of them.
The gentleman to the left is J's younger brother Jeremy, and the pest on the right is J's best friend John Best.
Doesn't everyone have the tradition of Christmas Tequila? No... Just my family.


Things you should know if we are going to be BFF's

Mrs. Ashley from Little Miss Momma had this great idea, and I had to do it.

I have to have nail polish on my finger nails

I have one beautiful sister

I make the best cupcakes!

I want to be a mommy so bad (lord hear my cry!)

I sell Avon and Mark Makeup

I have not seen one of my closest friends in over 10 years. But I talk to her almost everyday. (I love you Nicole!)

I grew up as a Navy Brat

I love being barefoot

I cry at Folgers Coffee commercials

I married my high school sweetheart, and I was his college sweetheart.

I truly get upset if my husband starts cleaning anything (I feel like a bad wife, and NO he does not make me feel like that)

I do not leave the house without lipgloss or mascara on

Did I mention I want to be a mommy... cause I do!


Weekend Recap

My weekend in short description and pictures!
On Friday I made these and became the baking queen at J's work.
(Happy Birthday Raule)Chocolate Cupcake w/ chocolate moose inside and icing on top and crushed snickers.

Then I did a little of this...

The gentleman to my left is the best gun teacher ever!!! He is Marine sniper and knows what he is talking about.

My friend Lari (secret Santa) and I after the first round.

and celebrated a friends 30 birthday

Jeff made fun of my shirt but I love it!

Homemade ice luge

Happy Birthday Erin!!!

Hope everyone had a great birthday!

I won!

I am so excited and had to tell y'all that I won my first giveaway!!!

Thank you Jennifer from Always in Wonder!!!


The most wonderful time of the year!

One of the many reasons why I LOVE this time of the year!


Christmas Craft

My Christmas craft this week was super easy!! I got the idea from I LOVE NAP TIME. I don't have a lot of decorations in my kitchen so I thought this was best idea.

The Letter's - $1.97 each from Walmart

Magnets - $1.97 from Walmart

Glue, Paint foam, and Glitter - I already had from another project.

I let the letters dry for about an hour and then stuck the magnets on the back.

Easy, budget friendly, and it looks cute!


Nail Polish of the Week

I have now found the perfect Christmas color nail polish! It is from Avon, the color is called Real Red.