Christmas - Part One

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Jeff and I are so blessed with a great family and awesome friends. The Schoenberger/Gable Christmas can be crazy (long!). I figured I would do this post in 3 parts. So here is the the first one.

Christmas Eve!!! Every year we start Christmas around noon with my mom's side of the family. we get together for lunch and exchange gifts.

Here is daddy trying on his (ugly kyle bush) shirt on that he got from my grandparents.

My grandfather is impossible to shop for, so this year I thought I would have fun with his gift. Our family is big in Nascar and he loves number 24, Jeff Gordon. So I found Nascar Lego's at target with his driver. But you can't build a car with out help so I also bought him the Lego pit crew. I was a big hit and he loved it!

Daddy LOVES his new golf shoes and hat.
My sis got Sex in the City movies.

Jeff was getting overwhelmed with all of the gifts.

After my grandparents left we all got ready for church. Traditionally every year before we go to church we take photos in front of my parents Christmas tree.

My incredible sis and I

After church we all go back to my parents house for a party. I don't have to many photo's because my dad took most of them.
The gentleman to the left is J's younger brother Jeremy, and the pest on the right is J's best friend John Best.
Doesn't everyone have the tradition of Christmas Tequila? No... Just my family.


Ashley said...

I love the pics! Christmas tequila..great idea! :) It's time to start new traditions so maybe I'll have to add that one.

Can't wait to read parts 2 and 3 of your Christmas!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Amy, but it looks like you guys had fun too! And your sister looks just like you, but I bet you've heard that a lot. Hope your New Year's is just as lovely. And your gift card was dropped off into the mail last week so I am hoping it gets to you soon.