Change Please!

So this past weekend i made a change bucket for the 3-day. It is at the corner of my desk and it is so cute! Everyone loves it and i am actually getting a bunch of donations. Even better i have about 8 orders to make them for there kids. Here are a couple of pics on how it turned out.

The tin and sign.


Rays Game

Go Rays!

So Jeff finally got to use his Valentine’s Day present! I had bought him tickets to the opening game of the Rays. We had a great time even though they lost. The seats were so nice; we sat in between the 3rd base and the out field!

I was so delighted that I got my dip ‘n’ dots and boiled Cajun peanuts! I can’t wait for the next game.


Sea World Surprise!

Five gold stars goes out to Jeffrey!

This past weekend Jeff took me on a surprise trip to Sea World. I was so excited when we arrived there. I looked like a kid in a candy store. When we arrived to the gift shop area, Jeff gave me my second part of the surprise…. Jenny, Chris and the kids come around the corner. I was so happy to see everyone and get to spend the entire day with my niece and nephew.

All day it would down poor and then go back to being sunny out (I love Florida). But that did not stop our fun. We were not able to see the entire park, but Jeff said we had season passes and we would be going back during the summer. YEAH! He is so good to me!

Here are some pictures of the day!

Jeff and I waiting for a show
My Beautiful niece Abby on the slide
Shamu at the end of the "Believe" show.

The Gable's and Candler's

Carson and i got soaked at the Shame show