Week One - Favorite Song(s)

I have a couple and could not narrow it down to just one.

Steady As We Go – Dave Mathews Band

This is J’s and my wedding song. We really thought long and hard about this. I wanted something unique that you don’t hear on the radio every day. And J wanted it to be by an artist that we both love. Two months before our wedding Dave Mathews Band came out with a new CD, and this song was on it. J and I were in the car and heard it; as soon as the song was over we both looked at each other and said this is it!!
That year when we saw Dave Mathews Band they played it. We were so excited! The extra special part about them playing it at that concert was it was the only time they have ever played it live.


Wonderful Cross – Chris Tomlin

This song has so much meaning to me. When I was 16, I was on a Ski Trip with my youth group. We had one night that was just worship music. It was a remarkable night! I will never be able to put in words how that night changed my life. When this song played, I broke down crying and gave my life to the Lord.
Then when I was 18 I got a phone call from my dad. (I had been praying for him to give his life to Christ. He was the last member in my family that still was not a believer. He went to church with us every Sunday, but had not made that commitment to the Lord.) He told me “I made a decision that I think you are going to love… I am not only your daddy but I am now your brother in Christ”. I broke down crying and had to pull my car to the side of the road. I felt so much joy, and then the radio played this song. AMAZING!!!
When my parents and I were talking about songs to be played at J’s and my wedding, this one just felt so right for me to walk down the aisle too. My good friend Chris Kuti played it on guitar. (If you recognize that name, yes it is Chris from the band Chris and Conrad. They are on the Christian Radio stations. There biggest hit is Lead me to the Cross. Great guys!) It was truly the prefect song for that moment!


What are your favorite songs?

32 Week Challenge

For the next 30 weeks I am going to be answering the questions below. I promise I will try my hardest to keep up with it. Everything is easier said than done! So here is the list…

1 Your favorite song(s)
2 Your favorite movie(s)
3 Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting about you
4 Meaning behind your blog name
5 Your first love
6 Your parents
7 Your siblings
8 picture of something that makes you happy
9 A place you've traveled to
10 A picture of your friends
11 Something you're afraid of
12 Favorite tv shows
13 What you believe
14 Goals
15 A picture you love
16 Bible verse
17 Dream house
18 Something you're looking forward to
19 Something you regret
20 Something you miss
21 Nicknames
22 Picture of yourself
23 Favorite city
24 Favorite vacation
25 Something you've learned
26 Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
27 Picture of your family
28 Pets
29 Something that stresses you out
30 3 Wishes


Little Blessings!

Prayers have been answered! A friend of mine at work has just given me some great news. She (Charmaine) and Her husband Tim have adopted a sweet baby girl!!! This has been such a long process for them, but they have had amazing faith the entire time.
They named her Lilian Bridget. And she is perfect.

This just shows you, if you trust in the LORD he will provide!


Menu Monday

I have seen this on a couple of blogs that I follow and thought it looked like fun. So here is what I am making this week for dinners and lunch.

For lunches this week, J is having Chicken Peta's. I usually make them with baked chicken, whole wheat rice, salsa, hummus, and mixed veggies.
Lunches for myself are hummus Peta's. I love these! I make them with carrots, onion, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts and a heaping of hummus.

for J
Cilantro and Lime baked Chicken w/ salad
for me
Cilantro and Lime salad w/ black beans

for J and me
Garlic and Herb baked fish w/ steamed veggies

for J and me
Eggs and Toast - we have church so it has to be super quick

for J
Turkey Burgers w/ carrot fires
for me
Black Bean burger w/ carrot fries

we are driving to Lake City, so something yummy on the road.

What is everyone else making for dinner's this week?



I am so giddy today! J, my best friend Barby, and her boyfriend Dan are driving to St. Augustine this weekend! Barby and Dan have never been there or stayed in a bed and breakfast. So we are staying in the historical district in the Castle Inn. The best part about it is... they have knight statues everywhere. J saw that on their website and was sold. I use to live there, and we (J and myself) go every year while we are doing J's yearly Mayo Clinic check up. As another great perk, Saturday one of our favorite bands is going to be there. OAR (also know as Of A Revolution)! It's there last concert this year so they are not having a cover band. Just a really long set. I will have to take video and post it.

I pray that everyone has a great weekend!
What is every one's weekends plans? Anything fun?


Ornament for Sale

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share these adorable ornaments that are on sale! Brantley & Richard are in the process of adopting there first baby. They have been doing many fundraisers to help with the expenses of bring their little blessing home. Check out their blog for more information!
Click HERE for the link of their blog!

I can't wait to get mine in the mail!



If you haven't noticed J and I are big USF fans. We have been season ticket holders for 5 years now! This week we are playing a team we have never played before... University of Florida. I am kind of nerves for this game but it is going to be fun. We are driving tonight to meet up with J's sis who lives in that area. They went to UF so this should be a rival game! Wish us luck tomorrow!

What's your favorite college football team?