Menu Monday

I have seen this on a couple of blogs that I follow and thought it looked like fun. So here is what I am making this week for dinners and lunch.

For lunches this week, J is having Chicken Peta's. I usually make them with baked chicken, whole wheat rice, salsa, hummus, and mixed veggies.
Lunches for myself are hummus Peta's. I love these! I make them with carrots, onion, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts and a heaping of hummus.

for J
Cilantro and Lime baked Chicken w/ salad
for me
Cilantro and Lime salad w/ black beans

for J and me
Garlic and Herb baked fish w/ steamed veggies

for J and me
Eggs and Toast - we have church so it has to be super quick

for J
Turkey Burgers w/ carrot fires
for me
Black Bean burger w/ carrot fries

we are driving to Lake City, so something yummy on the road.

What is everyone else making for dinner's this week?

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