Retail Therapy Please

Retail therapy
is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer's mood.
Today that is what I did.

I love my Job... and now that is said, I can also say that the stress come with it is not fun.
Today I called one of my best friends to see if she would go with me to the mall.
I ended up getting some things that I have been saving up for.

I ended up getting a dress from Nordstroms, Tory Burch Flats, Pandora Christmas Gifts, dress from Forever 21 for the cruise, and new bras.

Very successful trip.

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm Loving that tomorrow we will be celebrating my best friends birthday!!!

Loves you Barby! Sweet 26.

I am loving this little wonder from Potterbarn
And this one

I could not be anymore hooked to this show! Love it!

Tory Burch... enough said!

Although we are not in the summer, a girl still loves her some Sweet Tea!

Hope you have a wonderful Hump Day!


Weekend Recap - My BIRTHDAY

My birthday was fabulous.
It was filled with laughter and love.

I was able to celebrate my 26th birthday with my family.
We went to a restaurant on the water to watch the sunset. After some frosty beverages and Delicious food... we danced.

But lets rewind to my start of the day.

Woke up to my handsome hubby giving me a cup of coffee. I got ready for work and I was off, for a half day full of fun work things and then shopping! O how I adore shopping!!!

If you are not a stranger to this blog then you already know I work with the most amazing woman in the world... my mother. She put this darling balloon, a birthday sign and a snow ball on my desk. She is sooo sweet!
Then my other coworkers went and got donuts in my honor.
They sang to me (a little off key) that wonderful birthday tune, handed me a card and then we all stuffed our faces with everything bad for us!
I took a quick snapshot of my coworkers.
Then Mr. UPS Man brought me this little surprise.
My card. This made me laugh so hard!
These beautiful roses smelled so good.
One of the many awesome perks working for the company I do, is on your birthday they give you a half day! So I went shopping, relaxed and spent time with my sister.

Now we are back to the dinner, drinking and dancing part of the night.
Those three D's are very common with my family!

My wonderful daddy and sweet sissy!
My Uncle Tim and his fiance Sue (LOVE HER!)
Momma and Me
Daddy being Daddy

Awww Now we start the dancing. The Schoeny's are no strangers to the dance floor. We don't care if there is 1000's of people or no one on the dance floor.
Momma stole Jeff's sunglasses and started dancing.

My WONDERFUL parents!
I am so blessed that I have parents that are as much, if not even more in love with each other then the day they said I Do.
Hottest Husband EVER!
Saturday was another birthday celebration with my friends. Sadly I don't have any photo's. But I will always have the memories. Sigh...

Sunday Night Jeff and I had dinner with his parents. We went to Sandy's favorite place, Chili's. It was so much fun talking with them. They are the sweetest in laws! After much fun this was the prefect way to unwind from the birthday extravaganza.
Turning 26 was not as bad as I was thinking it would be. Next month we will be celebrating Jeff's BIG 3-0!!!!!

Cinnamon Coffee...

This morning I made the best coffee. I added cinnamon to the coffee grounds and brewed as I would normally do. Then I put Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer in. It was heaven!
And yes I drink two of the large Trevis Tumblers every morning. Addicted to coffee... I would say YES!


Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Today I turn the grand old age of 26.

Tonight I celebrate with my family.

Tomorrow with my closest friends.

Sunday with Jeff's family.

I am a girl that can make her birthday last all weekend long!

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today I am linking to This Kind of LOVE for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I love that tonight at midnight my hubby will be home from his business trip! I miss him so much when he is away!

I love that after work today I will be meeting up with my besties for dinner to celebrate 3 of the 4 girls birthdays!

I love this Halloween Decoration I found on Pinterest!

I love this Halloween outfit I just ordered for Taz! It was on Etsy for SnoopCattyCat

I am loving the I am a quarter ways done with my Christmas Shopping!

I am LOVING these Tory Burch Wedges!!!


Thanks Momma!

There are serious benefits for me to work with my Momma.

*I never get home sick. (Daddy meets us for lunch once a week :-) )
*I always have a lunch time shopping partner.
*I have an amazing role model and mentor at work.
* I get random gifts like the one I received today! Thanks Momma, I love you more!!!!


What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day everyone! I can't believe that there is only two more days till the weekend. It feels like a Monday to me!!!

Today I am link to This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!

I am loving this gold Fossil watch. I am a total Fossil snob, and feel that you could never have enough watches!!! This was just put on my Christmas for my parents. I am pretty sure I will be getting it (momma and I went to fossil and picked it out) but ya never know :).

This quite time is amazing. I recommend it to every lady that is married!

Thank you Mr. Columbus for giving me next Monday off!

I am in LOVE with these outfit ideas! I will be printing these up and trying to recreate them!

I love this picture that was submitted to MSNBC's photo of the week

Pumpkin Bread... LOVE!

I am loving this bible verse

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

Deuteronomy 6:5


home girl is going to be how old???

In 10 days I will be turning 26 years old. This is not an age that I look forward to after, what my sweet sister kindly reminded me that I am going to be my LATE 20's. Not cool Aj!!! But of course I do love getting the birthday gifts (what girl doesn't).

Some of the items on my birthday wish list are...
These gorgeous USF dangle earrings. My goal when I get these is to take them to a local bead store and have them at little pearls and green swarovski crystals.

The top beads would be prefect to start a USF Pandora bracelet. And as for the bottom two, you can't have enough pearls and my handsome hubby's birthstone.

Tervis Tumblers, enough said!

Yankee Candles! My poor budget doesn't favor a $25 candle jar. So I am hoping to get these. I love these to smells.