home girl is going to be how old???

In 10 days I will be turning 26 years old. This is not an age that I look forward to after, what my sweet sister kindly reminded me that I am going to be my LATE 20's. Not cool Aj!!! But of course I do love getting the birthday gifts (what girl doesn't).

Some of the items on my birthday wish list are...
These gorgeous USF dangle earrings. My goal when I get these is to take them to a local bead store and have them at little pearls and green swarovski crystals.

The top beads would be prefect to start a USF Pandora bracelet. And as for the bottom two, you can't have enough pearls and my handsome hubby's birthstone.

Tervis Tumblers, enough said!

Yankee Candles! My poor budget doesn't favor a $25 candle jar. So I am hoping to get these. I love these to smells.

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