{Happy 25th Anniversary!}

Aj, Jeff and I surprised Mum and Daddy with a party to celebrate there 25th Wedding Anniversary. They are amazing parents and we really wanted to give them a night to have fun. Here are some pictures of the night.

We had a small table for people to sign the guest book and look through their wedding album.

My beautiful centerpieces that i made!
(I am very proud of myself)

My Aunt Pam made a replica of the top layer from their wedding cake.
It came out amazing!

Special Thanks to Patty, Lindsey, and Barby!!! We could not have done this without you!


Happy Birthday to me!!!

I had an awesome birthday! We went to Sloppy Joe's on the beach. I love there food and the weather outside was perfect!!! I have a great group of friends!!!!! :) Happy Birthday to me!

My good friend Jacqueline and me.

My amazing sister and my best friend Lindsey!


Travis Wedding

Jenna and Travis are married!!!
The wedding was amazing and they looked so happy.
I am so excited to watch there love grow as a married couple, and to see what God
is going to do in there life's.
I have some pictures that we took.

Travis and Jenna

Me and the beautiful Bride!

Bride with a knife

The hottest groomsmen ever


O.A.R. take 2

The O.A.R concet was so awesome. Jeff and I drove up to St. Augestine for the night to go see them. They played an extra long set because this was there last stop on tour. We could not have asked for a better concert! They played all of our favorite songs, the crowd sang happy birthday to Mark (lead singer), and the weather was perfect!

Jeff and I


OAR concert

Jeff and I went to the O.A.R. concert last night. It was such a great show. Jeff was able to get us the best tickets ever! Front and center...yep that is what i said. I could not believe the seats when we first got there, I kept asking Jeff are we in the right place.

We are going to there show this weekend and if it is as good as last nights then we are going to have fun in St. Augustine!!!

Tim Roberts

One of my parents very good friends has Leukemia. Please keep them in your prayers! They are telling us he only has a 21% chance of fighting this.