AMAZING - How Great Thou Art!

Carrie sang one of my favorite song. All I can really say about it, is AMAZING!

So beautiful!

{What I'm Loving Wednesday!}

I'm Loving this hot hubby of mine!

I'm Loving that Jeff and I just bought this on Crowdsavings.com. I have always wanted to Stand Up Paddle board.

No I am not pregnant (wish I was!), but I'm Loving this babies room for Pottery Barn.

I'm Loving this movie that I watched last night.

I'm Loving this couple! Can't wait to see her dress!


{What I'm Loving Wednesday!}

I'm Loving that Saturday, Jeff and I will be at Jedidiah and Judah's first Birthday party!

I'm Loving that we celebrated Ann's 21st Birthday.

I'm Loving that Friday I have no work and will be relaxing here all day long with my girlfriends!

I'm Loving that today at work we are having an Easter Egg Hunt for the adults! Last year I won a 25$ gift card to Target. Lets hope it happens again.

I'm Loving my hubby more and more each day!


{Meet Me On Monday}

Linking up to Never Growing Old for...

1. Caesar Salad or Garden Salad?
Garden Salad with oil and vinegar!

2. Will you be watching the Royal Wedding on April 29th?

It will be on my DVR. This is one of those events you catch miss.

3. Last thing you spent lots of money on?

Jeremy and Megan's Wedding. Jeff and I don't really make big purchases. So between my dress, his tux and gas to get the wedding it was the biggest purchase we have made in awhile. But it was worth every penny!

4. Window seat or aisle seat?
Aisle Seat!!! I hate being trapped by random strangers!

5. Do you know your blood type


{Decorating, Saving, and Pick Me}

Jeff and I have our place 100% remodeled. I am now itching to change the decorations up in our place. I have been searching online and looking in magazines trying to figure out how I want to update the condo. I have finally found what I (and Jeff) want.


Jeff and I live in Florida and seriously LOVE the Salt Life. So why not have what we love inside our home. This is the type of style I would like and hoping to achieve. I love how clean everything looks.

This is not what I want in my house! I can't stand the tacky rooms. I feel like these people just found things at a party store and put it in there house as decoration. (Sorry if this is what your rooms look like)


Now a couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was saving for these beauties! But my mind has changed and I am saving for something else that I have been wanting FOREVER!

My very own Kayak!!!! My best friend has four of these, but she is not always around to go out. So I want my own!!! I need a total for EVERYTHING $600. Hoping to save for it by the end of August.


Little Miss Momma is having a wonderful giveaway that I would love to win. Visit her blog to enter!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Five Question Friday

Linking to My Little Life 1. What is your favorite sign of spring? I live in on the beach in Florida, so my favorite sign of spring is crossing over a bridge and seeing all the boats in the water! 2. What was your best birthday ever? My 21st. Jeff and my best friends took me out to a really nice dinner. They had a cake for me and my first "drink". The St. Pete Tini 3. What is your favorite dessert? Pecan Pie!!! 4. What is the best excuse you've ever used to get out of a ticket? I was late to church. I really wasn't an excuse. I was on my way to church for our spring trip. The cop thought I was lying cause it was on a Friday. (Two years later that same cop started to go to our church) 5. Do you wake up before your alarm, with your alarm, or after hitting snooze several times? With my alarm. I am an early bird but I am not a morning person.

{Loving Today!}

Today I am in a very good mood! Why do you ask....

My sweet Momma just booked my sister and I for a weekend trip in Orlando at a Disney Resort!

Disney French Quarter Resort

Tonight we are going to go see Scream 4

I HATE scary movies! Jeff, my sister and myself have watched all three this week so we could see this movie. Jeff LOVEs these movies.

My Avon Business has just taken off! Out of nowhere I had 5 new clients and orders!!!!

I have lost 6 pounds by just eating better!

Even through I had a very crappy day yesterday, I ended it with a good cocktail and a best friend to talk to.


{oh what a day!}

Went to bed way to late last night.

Slept through my alarm this morning.

spilled HOT coffee on my brand new skirt on the way to work

Arrived at work an hour late.

Forgot my breakfast at home.

And these were on my desk when I finally got to work.

Let's hope this day goes better!


{What I'm Loving Wednesday!}

I'm Loving that my Etsy site is now LIVE! Yes, I only have one thing on it, but if you stay tuned in I will be posting more items for sale! Plus I am going to have a giveaway!!!!

I'm Loving that my Pandora bracelet is now completely full. I love all of my charms and I know what everyone bought me. Now it's time to get started on my theme Pandora Bracelets!!!

I'm Loving me Sweet Tea. Someone just hook an IV to me with this stuff!

I'm Loving these earrings. Why does my birthday/ anniversary/ Christmas have to be so far away!!!

I'm Loving that we just bought our plane tickets to go to Red Rocks in June for the Dispatch Concert! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

I'm Loving that the Rays beat the Red Socks two night in a row (so far our season has been horrible)

I'm Loving this top I just bought from American Eagle!

I'm Loving these shoes, and I have started saving money for a pair!

I'm Loving this SHOW! If you haven't seen it you should. Last night I tried extreme couponing and got have of my grocery's for FREE! and most of it was Organic!!!! This will help with our saving money!

Remember to stay tuned for my upcoming giveaway next week!


{My Girl Celebrity Crush....}

Minka Kelly

I think she is gorgeous!


Questions for Me?

Hello Galls! I wanted to try something new today... Questions for Me... I have had a couple of people email me asking a couple of questions. So I thought it was would be a good idea to see if anyone else had so questions for me. And then I will do an answer post. Can't wait to see what questions y'all have for me!



Jeff and I just renewed our USF season tickets!! I cannot believe this is going to be our 6th season.

Can't wait for College Football to start back up!

Wedding Week Recap - Post 5

Wedding Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The wedding weather was perfect not to cold for us, and it didn't rain. Both things were awesome cause this was an outdoor wedding!

The Bridal Party *************************** Random Pics My flowers


Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Gable
Food! Soooooo good!
Down the table

Toast Time

Jeff was so nervous when he gave his Best Man speech. The best part about it was Jeff used a part of Jeremy's Best Man speech, that made everyone laugh so hard!

I love you guys from the Bottom of my Heart to the Top of my Heart!

Missy gave such a sweet speech! It made me cry!!!


The Cake


First Dance
Mother Son Dance


Let the Party Begin

For having only 27 people at the wedding... we danced the entire night!

The Bride gettin down.

No, I did not really eat a spoon full of Jelly Belly's... I ate 2 spoon fulls. JK

I have no idea what we are all singing too.

Taking a much needed dance break!

Stay tuned for what we did the rest of the week...