{Decorating, Saving, and Pick Me}

Jeff and I have our place 100% remodeled. I am now itching to change the decorations up in our place. I have been searching online and looking in magazines trying to figure out how I want to update the condo. I have finally found what I (and Jeff) want.


Jeff and I live in Florida and seriously LOVE the Salt Life. So why not have what we love inside our home. This is the type of style I would like and hoping to achieve. I love how clean everything looks.

This is not what I want in my house! I can't stand the tacky rooms. I feel like these people just found things at a party store and put it in there house as decoration. (Sorry if this is what your rooms look like)


Now a couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was saving for these beauties! But my mind has changed and I am saving for something else that I have been wanting FOREVER!

My very own Kayak!!!! My best friend has four of these, but she is not always around to go out. So I want my own!!! I need a total for EVERYTHING $600. Hoping to save for it by the end of August.


Little Miss Momma is having a wonderful giveaway that I would love to win. Visit her blog to enter!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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ty said...

I LOVE your decorating ideas ... I'm in that frame of mind too, once I get myself a little place to decorate!