{What I'm Loving Wednesday!}

I'm Loving that my Etsy site is now LIVE! Yes, I only have one thing on it, but if you stay tuned in I will be posting more items for sale! Plus I am going to have a giveaway!!!!

I'm Loving that my Pandora bracelet is now completely full. I love all of my charms and I know what everyone bought me. Now it's time to get started on my theme Pandora Bracelets!!!

I'm Loving me Sweet Tea. Someone just hook an IV to me with this stuff!

I'm Loving these earrings. Why does my birthday/ anniversary/ Christmas have to be so far away!!!

I'm Loving that we just bought our plane tickets to go to Red Rocks in June for the Dispatch Concert! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

I'm Loving that the Rays beat the Red Socks two night in a row (so far our season has been horrible)

I'm Loving this top I just bought from American Eagle!

I'm Loving these shoes, and I have started saving money for a pair!

I'm Loving this SHOW! If you haven't seen it you should. Last night I tried extreme couponing and got have of my grocery's for FREE! and most of it was Organic!!!! This will help with our saving money!

Remember to stay tuned for my upcoming giveaway next week!


katmcd said...

I love Dispatch. That will be SO great!

Brittany said...

Wow! I love all of your LOVES!

Extreme Couponing

Greer's Gossip said...

These are great loves!!! I want those shoes and I love your Pandora bracelet and cute shirt from AE.

LC said...

those earrings are fabulous!

Beth McC. said...

We have all the same loves and Pandora bracelet looks just like yours!!!

Miss K said...

congrats on your etsy store! that's awesome!

i haven't seen extreme couponing but have heard tons of great things about it!

Tiff said...

I need the same IV! Congrats on the Etsy shop!

Cara S. said...

Great List!! You have my wanting some sweet tea now!

Mrs. Bear said...

Yay for Etsy!!! And oooo love those shoes... and I hear Red Rocks in AMAZING!~

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Love those earrings! Thanks for your sweet comment on the enchiladas :) If we lived closer I would be happy to cook for you :) Have a blessed night! xoxo