{I'm Back}

I'm back and have so much to catch y'all up on! For the past week I have been here...

...Tennessee for my brother in laws wedding! (This picture is the view of my room in the cabin, can we all say AMAZING!!!) (Don't hate, just be really jealous!)

Jeremy and Megan got married on Wednesday! It was beautiful! I will have about 5 different posts on the wedding week. We had to much fun for just one blog post.


If everyone could please pray for Mrs. Gina. She had surgery today! I was texting with her daughter and Nicole said that everything went great! Lets just pray for a fast recovery!!!! (Just to give everyone a little inside info... Mrs. Gina was like a second mom to my sister in I when our dads were in the military! Her baby boy is Thomas who I asked everyone to pray for in this post. And her oldest daughters is one of my dearest friends Nicole)


Praise God for this man! My hubby got a call from his Doctor with great news. Jeff is looking clear with his lymph nobes!!!! Praise God!

And he just found he is going to Japan for work! Super excited for him and the opportunities he has coming his way, but I am so jealous that I wont be able to come with him. What am I suppose to do without him for a week and half :(

I hope EVERYONE had an awesome week and weekend. Can't wait to catch up on everyones blog and post about our trip! LOVE YA!


McKeever said...

So jealous of your mini vacay!!

Miss K said...

can't wait to see more of the wedding! The view looks amazing!
Yay for your hubs, that's great news!!!

Mrs. Bear said...

Oooo love Tennessee weddings! Post pictures!