{some random thought for you}

I am so excited today is Friday that I could sing this song!

TV Last Night.

American Idol.... Hello America, you got to vote for this kid! He is awesome!!!! Last night I was so happy the judges saved him. His reaction was priceless. I felt like giving him a huge hug.

My FAVORITE artist was shown on American Idol last night. Peter Max is even going to be in St. Petersburg this Sunday for a meet the fans... I however will not be there. Darn you Tennessee! Do you think the Groom and Bride will notice if a Bridesmaid comes late.....? J/K (I can't believe I just wrote Just Kidding on my blog, whats next LOL)

The Office... most perfect proposal ever! I am going to miss Michael Scott on this show!

In my real world

My Poor baby sister is very sick. She has a stomach bug (constantly getting "sick", so much that she tore a muscle), ear infection, and sore throat. Please pray that she feels better!

Jeff and I are heading to Lake City tomorrow. I am going to miss our fur babies like crazy! But I know they are going to be in good hand with Auntie Lindsey. (Thanks Lindsey for staying at the house!) Then on Sunday we make the scary 10 hour drive. I plan on acuping myself with a book; Redeeming Love, and cross stich... yes, I cross stich and LOVE it.


ty said...

I missssss St. Pete!

Michelle said...

That was seriously the BEST episode of the Office ever. I think I loved it even more than Pam & Jim's proposal.