i need sleep!

So our new baby will not let me get any sleep. He wants to play at night while we are sleeping and it wakes Jeff and I up. I have found myself wanting to sleep in my car so I can get a full night of sleep. :)

His name is still not decided on. Jeff likes Bower (after the show 24, Jack Bower) and i like Taz (because he is crazy!!!). I don't think he will ever have a name.


new kitty :)

Jeff called me when I was at work to tell me that we are going to Tampa last night. Confused I asked him why…. He then tells me we are going to pick up our new kitty! I was super excited and could not wait to get off work. Jeff new I really wanted another kitty, and one of his co-workers had found a one in their back yard. He has a booboo on his lip and had to see the vet for, but other than that he is perfect! He is all black with beautiful blue eyes and always wants to be held! I am so in love with our new baby! Jeff and I have not decided on a name yet because we want to get to know his personality. Fawny is not that crazy about him, but she is very suspicious about him witch is a great sign that she will like him (eventually!). I have some pictures of him.

Thank you Jeff! I love you!!!

He is so cute!


{relay for life}

Friday night Lari and I went to go support our coworkers as they walked the Relay for life. We both have people that are really close to us that have had this horrible disease. My hubby has Thyroid Cancer, and Lari's best friend/ cousin died of from it two years ago. Raymond James raised $15,000.00 this year for the American Cancer Society.