Wanted to share this...

A friend at work sent this to me and I wanted to share it with you.

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you:

1. Jesus Christ

2. The American G. I.

One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.


{Aj's Birthday Night}

On Tuesday it was my baby sisters 23rd birthday. My family LOVES sports so it was no surprise to me with aj said she wanted to go to a Rays game on her birthday. Sadly momma was not able to make it out.

Daddy met us at Freg's for dinner before the game. He doesn't like the "cheap seats" that we sit in so him and his best bud went to the nice leather seats in the 100rd section. (Brats!)

One of the coolest things about our stadium is that we have a live Ray tank that you can feed and pet them. Every game I go with Aj, we have to go here.

The Rays tank just got 3 new large rays. We weren't aloud to touch them (I didn't touch any of them. I am a big wimp!)

My beautiful sis and me. I love her soooo much! God has truly blessed me with an amazing sister!!!

Our view from the $12 "cheap seats". If you are looking for my dad he is one of the dots behind the catcher.

Doyle was doing anything he could to get on the Jumbo tron.

Take one of the family photo

Take two.. and then we stopped.

at this point in the night I was getting so tired! Unlike my baby sis who is a night owl, I want to be in bed around 9. At this point is was like 10pm.

I think my baby sis had a great time on her birthday. She has a job interview today with a hospital!!! Pray hard that she gets it!


{What I'm Loving Wednesday!}

Today I am linking to Little Miss Daisy May for What I am Loving Wednesday!

Our USF season tickets came in! Can't wait to put on my Green & Gold!

Tonight I am going to dinner with my fabulous friends!

I am loving my Starbucks this morning! I was like a gift from the heavens!!!

I am loving this and totally wish I had room in my closet to do this for my shoes.

I am loving this yummy Sangria.

I am loving that fall is next month! My favorite time of the year. Now only if Florida looked like this.

With the love of fall, comes the love of boots!

I hope everyone is having a awesome week. Mine has been very blessed, and I am so thankful for everything in it!


{She's 23 today!!!!}

Today is my baby sis's 23rd birthday! I am so blessed that my sister is not only family but my best friend. We are the true statement of opposites attract. I am so proud of her, she is following her dream in become a RN. She has the grace and patience for being a nurse.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with Aj!!!!



So this morning started out GREAT! One of my favorite blogs {Love Stitched} announced the winners for her giveaway. And guess who one.... ME!

I feel so blessed that I was picked! Let me show you some of the things that I will be getting from her fabulous store.

How perfect is this headband for a USF game!


So yummy!

Allow me to introduce you to the most wonderful sandwich in the entire world. This is called the Ron's Sunny Bird from a local deli. Probably not the most healthy thing to eat, but you will not regret it! It is so good that I had to even blog about it! Hope everyone is having a glorious day.

{What I'm Loving Wednesday!}

I am loving this handsome hubby of mine!

I am loving that my sister in law got a job with Bic! What a blessing for her and Jeremy!!!!

Congrats Megan!!!!

I am loving this dish towel I bought at Target. This has been my morning saying for years!

I am loving that the hubby landed in Chicago safely!

I am loving that you can by Octoberfest again! Fall is around the corner.

I am loving this color from Essie called East Hampton Cottage

I am loving that I made 4 batches of homemade fondant for three cakes that I am making!!! It is so good, but so bad for you!

I hope y'all are loving this Wednesday!


Bachelor Pad & Housewives....

I can't believe how much I get sucked into these "reality" shows. Last night I watched The Bachelor Pad 2 and Real housewives of New Jersey.

Lets start with the Bachelor Pad. This season is frustrating me soooo much. Vienna... I never liked the girl. When I watched her on Jake's season I thought she was drama. This girl needs to leave the show. And can someone explain why she was not the one voted off. Kick the couples off!!!!

If I hear guard and protect one more time, I think I am going to stick a needle in my eye!
I love her and want her to win!!! She is so sweet!

My heart broke for her when she was getting hit with those eggs. I don't think she is the nicest girl, but no one should have eggs thrown at them.

Team Jake! I feel so bad for him. He has shown everyone that he has class, and Vienna does not! I don't particular want him to win, but I want him to go further then Kasey and Vienna.

I think we need to teach her the power of prayer and patience. She gets a little crazy sometimes.
Don't leave!!!!

I could not find a picture of Ames and Jackie.... How to start! I think they are so cute, and Ames is a gentlemen!!!! The way he left and went after the limo got me teary eyed!


Real Housewives.............

I think she went to mean girl camp. She holds on to so much anger, and does not let it go.

Love her! I think that is all that needs to be said about her!

And for my favorite housewife. I love her but did she have to use the GD word.

I was never the daughter to talk back to my parents. If they told me to jump I would ask how high. Growing up in a Christian Military Family, you learn about respect. And if I ever rolled my eyes to my mother, my father would slap me over the head! I know this is TV but I am really praying for their relationship. I am so blessed to have a great relationship with my momma, and really want that for them.

Well that was my two sense on these shows. How did everyone else like it?


She's 103!!!

Happy 103rd Birthday yeah-ha! So today is my great grandmothers birthday.

I am so blessed that I am able to have a great relationship with her. She has taught me so much about life and love.


{What I'm Loving Wednesday!}

I am Loving that my parents are taking us on a family cruise, for Thanksgiving.

I am loving these outfits from Old Navy

This will be perfect for USF games!

I am loving that I can talk to my hubby tonight. 8 days is way to long for me!

I am loving my job! I am so blessed to work for a company that really takes care of its people. Plus working with momma is not to bad.

I am loving the Lord and all of the blessing that he has given me. I have a hot hubby, wonderful family and amazing friends!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!!!