Bachelor Pad & Housewives....

I can't believe how much I get sucked into these "reality" shows. Last night I watched The Bachelor Pad 2 and Real housewives of New Jersey.

Lets start with the Bachelor Pad. This season is frustrating me soooo much. Vienna... I never liked the girl. When I watched her on Jake's season I thought she was drama. This girl needs to leave the show. And can someone explain why she was not the one voted off. Kick the couples off!!!!

If I hear guard and protect one more time, I think I am going to stick a needle in my eye!
I love her and want her to win!!! She is so sweet!

My heart broke for her when she was getting hit with those eggs. I don't think she is the nicest girl, but no one should have eggs thrown at them.

Team Jake! I feel so bad for him. He has shown everyone that he has class, and Vienna does not! I don't particular want him to win, but I want him to go further then Kasey and Vienna.

I think we need to teach her the power of prayer and patience. She gets a little crazy sometimes.
Don't leave!!!!

I could not find a picture of Ames and Jackie.... How to start! I think they are so cute, and Ames is a gentlemen!!!! The way he left and went after the limo got me teary eyed!


Real Housewives.............

I think she went to mean girl camp. She holds on to so much anger, and does not let it go.

Love her! I think that is all that needs to be said about her!

And for my favorite housewife. I love her but did she have to use the GD word.

I was never the daughter to talk back to my parents. If they told me to jump I would ask how high. Growing up in a Christian Military Family, you learn about respect. And if I ever rolled my eyes to my mother, my father would slap me over the head! I know this is TV but I am really praying for their relationship. I am so blessed to have a great relationship with my momma, and really want that for them.

Well that was my two sense on these shows. How did everyone else like it?

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