Ring Ring... Hi Honey!!!

Today I get to talk to my HUBBY!!! I can't wait to hear my cell ring and it says that Jeff is calling me. One of Jeff's passions is backpacking. This year they went to Wyoming on the Tetons Trail. This is the first year that I have been freaking out if he is ok. They have never been this high up in altitude, it's snowing, and they have mean bears. I really with Jeff and Chris never told me about the bear killing that happened in June. Then my sweet husband sends me this picture.

This is him before he went on the trail.

And this is bag that he sends me. Ice axes, and a huge can of bear spray.

So needless to say, I cannot wait till he calls me.

A. I will know he is alive. B. I can hear is voice.

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Miss K said...

awww i hope you hear from him soon!