About Me

Hello my name is Amy Leigh Gable.
My husband calls me Ame, and my friends call me Gable.
First, and foremost I am a child and lover of God.
I have a soft spot for all things beachy, crafty and USF football.
I was born a military brat and LOVE that part of my life. I know what it takes for my freedom to stay free.

 This is Jeff or The Hubs.
He is the most amazing husband, spiritual leader and friend that I could have ever asked for.
He loves USF football, NASCAR, backpacking, and Baseball.
A true Floridian as they come, born and raised in one place.  

These are the fur babies.
Taz is 3, and his name fits his personality.
He is more of Jeff’s cat and follows him everywhere.
We also don’t really see him at a cat, he is more like a dog… we taught him how to catch.

Fawny is 10, and the most beautiful cat ever.
We rescued her when she was 4.
She is more of my cat and the light of my life.