{waiting for my laptop to be fixed}

Once my laptop gets fixed i will be able to update my blog. I have about 4 months of post to publish. Stay tuned! :)


{happy 21st Birthday aj}

My baby sis is now 21. The family got together for AJ's birthday. Mummy made lasagna (so good) and sangria.
AJ is getting so old that her cake almost caught on fire ( I stuck all of the candles next to each other - not the best idea, but aj laughed)

Her cake and drink

Me and AJ

My adorable hubby

Not the greatest picture of me but AJ looks so cute!

Not really sure what he was doing. I just remember starting to fall.

Daddy and Jeff

Grams, AJ, and (future Aunt) Sue


DMB concert

The Dave Matthews Band concert was a blast. They played an amazing set and our group had the best seats. This was also the first year that it had not rained on us. Can't wait for next years show!!!

Me and Linds

The three amigos

They make me laugh so much!

the two best friends a girl could ever ask for.

I love him so much!

Family photo

The proper purple family.