Today I am in such an odd mood! I have never been this busy before, but I am so carefree that it is scary! I am sure it has to do with several of these reasons….

Only 4 more months till I meet my little boy!!! Who sadly is still without a name. I think we are leaning towards Elijah James… what do you think?

We are closing on our dream house soon! Can’t wait to show y’all and give you the walk through, but until then I will give you the picture of my new view from the back yard!

One of my bestest friends is getting married this Saturday. I can’t believe the day is almost here!!! I have the next couple of days off work to help her with the last minute details. She is going to make an absolutely beautiful bride!!!!

My hubby is home for the Grooms Bachelor Extravaganza! They spent 4 fun days in the Keys. I am just so smitten by the guy. How can I not be with a face like his!

I really hope y'all are enjoying your week so far!


Random Ramblings

On this happiest of Tuesdays I have some randoms for you!

Looked at a house yesterday, LOVED the house, put an offer in and now waiting to hear from the seller.

Went to my best friends Bachelorette Trip this weekend. I was a little uncomfortable being the prego girl in a club.

I was DD this weekend and had to drive a minivan, now I am saying a small prayer that I never become a Minivan momma!

Bought a new brand of makeup remover wipes, got an allergic reaction from them. Now I have a puffy dark eye lids. This is not a good look on me!

I married the most handsome man in the world! I am just so smitten by him.

Starting the Registry process for Baby G (still no name for the little guy), can’t find any bedding that I am really excited about. I did find one from Pottery Barn Kids, but Gable is not a fan. Any ideas from y'all?

We have slowly started to pack up the Condo, and I have not decorated the house for any holidays. It looks so sad in there.

Lost another pound this weekend. Either this baby is boasting my metabolism up so that I am burning a crazy amount of calories, or the baby is a calorie burning machine. I don’t like the taste of junk food, and I am eating my fair share in a day. Not many people say that are at week 19 and are losing weight.

With the lack of sleep from this weekend, I am seriously considering crawling under my desk and sleeping.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week!


What I'm Loving...

I am just full of LOVE today! Yesterday was such an amzing day and I will have to tell y'all about that later. But for now let me share some other loves I am having!

I am loving that my best friends bachelorette trip is this weekend! We are spending 3 days in Orlando. Dancing, Drinking (Non Acholic for me), shopping and just having the best time with the best girls!!!

I am in love with peppermint tea!
I am loving this new Essie nail polish I just bought! I don’t think I can ever buy another brand again. I just love how long Essie lasts and dries so fast.

I am loving my hubby and I am so proud of him. His company just had an article published about them being the top Marketing Company for what they do!

I am loving that we found out we are having a little boy!!! I will have a post for the Gender Reveal Party we hosted on Saturday.

I am loving that we get to register for all the things we are going to need for Baby G.


Our Love Story!

Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of this charming day, I thought I would share our love story for all of the other hopeless romantics out there like me! I am a sucker for a good love story and a happy ending

1. How long have you & your significant other been together?
We have been together for 9 years, and just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary.

2. How did you meet?
We met at a church Youth Group. Gable and I have a 4 year age difference so we were never in the same bible study but we would always see each other at church/ group activities/ trips with the group. It wasn’t till my senior year of high school that I started liking him. We both are snowboarders and hung out with each other the entire Ski Trip. I just remember laughing so hard with him, he is such a gentleman! My parents were on the trip and wanted so badly for us to date. (Gable is literally the perfect guy to bring home to your family. My father loved him before I did!) A spark was lit between us on that trip, but it wasn’t till two weeks later that we went on our first date.

3. If married, how long have you been married?
We celebrated our 5th year Wedding Anniversary this past November.

4. If you are married, where did you get married? Big or small wedding?
We were married in St. Petersburg FL, in Gable’s momma’s church. We had about 165 people that attended. My parents through us a great party!

5. Do you have any nicknames that you call one another?
I call him Gable just about all of the time. And we also have an odd nickname for each other. He is my Host and I am his Rib. (Long story!)

6. Name 3 things that you love most about your honey.
Just 3 things…
-My husband is the most unselfish person on this planet. He would literally do anything for anyone, including giving the shirt off his back. My daddy always tells me the story of when he first met Gable. They (daddy and Gable) were team captains for a kickball game at the church. Daddy is very competitive and started picking the fastest most athletic guys for his team. And then he realized that Gable was picking the guys that would be normally picked last. He hated the idea of making someone feel not as valuable to the team. From that day on my daddy wanted me to marry Gable. That was 5 years before we started dating!
-Gable is very hard-working and would do anything to provide for me and our future family. He has grown so much in the past year with his job and I am so impressed with his strong work ethic.
-He has such a great since of humor. I can never stay mad at him, because he is always making me laugh.

7. Tell us how he proposed.
I think I will right this for another post.

8. Is he a flowers & teddy bear kind of guy for v-day or strawberries, champagne, & rose petals?
I would say neither. He would much rather give me a gift that I can use. I don’t think he really likes Valentine’s Day, but just celebrates it to please me.

9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop in a movie & relax on the couch?
I would say most of the time pop in a movie and relax, but I do love going to the beach and having dinner every now and then.

10. Tell us one thing you'd like to do with your significant other one day, if you could do anything or go anywhere?
I would love to go somewhere and stay in one of those private cabanas on the water. Go kayaking, hiking, bike riding, and just lay in the sun with my honey!

11. Tell us what you plan on doing this Valentine's Day.
For lunch my daddy is taking momma and me out to lunch. He is such a sweet daddy! And then for dinner I am making a Low Country Boil for Gable and myself!!!! I can’t wait it is going to be so yummy. Then we will probably cuddle on the couch and watch some TV.

12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine's Day?
I didn’t this year. I just told Gable I want him home from work early so I can spend some time with him.

13. Give us one piece of advice for keeping a relationship strong and full of love.
Keep the Lord in the center of your marriage!

14. Show us a picture of what love means to you.


What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am loving that tomorrow is going to be Gable's first ultrasound appointment, and hopefully the technician will find out what Baby G is, so Saturday we can have our Big Reveal Party!!!

I am loving that I was able to get these two Jason Wu pieces from Target!!! The kitty top looks just like Taz, and the dress is beyond adorable!!!

I am loving my new haircut that I got on Saturday. I am still trying to figure out all the fun ways to style it. (And please forgive this photo, it was taken at the end of a work day and on my phone.)

I am loving that we are in the countdown to my best friends wedding! We have the Bachelorette Trip in two weeks, and then the wedding in 4 weeks!!

I am obsessed I am mean loving this nail polish color from Essie. Marshmallow!!! My nails were painted on Saturday and the polish is holding up so well. No chips!!!


Holy Heart Burn!

I love me some spicy food, to the point I will make my stomach go incomplete knots. Just for the yummy taste. With that said I have been warned by many mommas that you can get some serious heart burn while being pregnant.

Because I know everything… that could never happen to me. I have never had heart burn before and nothing is bothering me this far in my pregnancy.

So today I was feeling like some buffalo! Tropical Smoothie here I came. With my normal order in hand I was enjoying a very yummy buffalo chicken wrap with extra buffalo sauce on the side.

Thank the LORD I eat very small portions during the day! About 15 minutes after eating the first half of my wrap I thought I was dying!!! What is this horrible feeling. I called my hubby and he explained that I was having heart burn. OMWord how do people deal with this on a daily basis?!?!?! Then my so so sweet hubby tells me to look in my purse and take the Tums that he bought me a couple of weeks age, just in case I needed them. I think after 5 years of marriage he understands that I don’t really know it all.
So thanks to my handsome hubby I am feeling so much better. But I am now sad that I must say good bye to hot sauce. Please have a moment in silence I remember all the yummy times we had together!


16 Weeks!

How far along? 16 Weeks

Total weight gain: After losing 15 pounds in my first trimester and I have gained 2 pounds back.

Maternity clothes? Not yet. Let's just say things are starting to get tight. I just bought a bella band last week and I think I will be busting it out this week.

Stretch marks? none yet

Sleep: I can't get enough!

Best moment this week: Gable read in a book that the baby will be more comfortable with me cause they will know my voice. So he is now reading to my belly every night so the baby can hear him speak. It is the sweetest funniest thing to see.

Miss Anything? I Seared Tuna. It is by far my favorite thing to eat it is so hard not to have any. But I will do anything to protect my little blessing.

Movement: Not yet

Food cravings: Half sours (I think it is the vinegar in them), shrimp and fruit

Anything making you queasy or sick: Meat being cooked. I can eat it if I am at a restaurant but can’t make it at home.

Gender: No idea. One more week till we find out. I originally thought Baby G is a girl, but now I am not too sure.

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: overall feeling pretty great, but if I don’t eat every two hours I start getting nauseas

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Very Happy, and I have a calmness going on to.

Looking forward to: Next Saturday we find out what Baby G is at the Gender Reveal Party we are hosting for our family. I am also looking forward to registering.


Loving and Not Loving...

I am loving that we are in week 16 of our pregnancy.
I am not loving that we have zero pictures of the belly. We are always forgetting about it.

I am loving that I have started packing for us, so my baby sis can move into our place.
I am not loving that the house we put an offer on is now going to the highest bidder. Please pray that we know what to bid, and that the Lord gives us guidance.

I am loving that we are almost done with the decorations for the gender reveal party. Just about all of our family will be there to see what Baby G is.
I am not loving that Gable’s oldest sister’s family won’t be able to make it for the party, looks like we are going to have to Skype them.

I am loving everything the Lord has blessed us with. I am so thankful for our family, friends, and baby g.
I am not loving the hard time I am having to put faith in the uncertainty of us not having a house by the time Baby G arrives. But I must put that behind me and have faith that he will provide!

I am loving that my best friend’s wedding is less than a month away! And my dress has finally come in.
I am not loving how this is fitting me. I ordered a dress 2 sizes too big to fit about my belly. My belly fits perfectly, but the top is a hot mess, I feel sorry for my seamstress!!!

I am loving how quickly the day is going.
I am not loving being behind in my schedule for work!