Random Ramblings

On this happiest of Tuesdays I have some randoms for you!

Looked at a house yesterday, LOVED the house, put an offer in and now waiting to hear from the seller.

Went to my best friends Bachelorette Trip this weekend. I was a little uncomfortable being the prego girl in a club.

I was DD this weekend and had to drive a minivan, now I am saying a small prayer that I never become a Minivan momma!

Bought a new brand of makeup remover wipes, got an allergic reaction from them. Now I have a puffy dark eye lids. This is not a good look on me!

I married the most handsome man in the world! I am just so smitten by him.

Starting the Registry process for Baby G (still no name for the little guy), can’t find any bedding that I am really excited about. I did find one from Pottery Barn Kids, but Gable is not a fan. Any ideas from y'all?

We have slowly started to pack up the Condo, and I have not decorated the house for any holidays. It looks so sad in there.

Lost another pound this weekend. Either this baby is boasting my metabolism up so that I am burning a crazy amount of calories, or the baby is a calorie burning machine. I don’t like the taste of junk food, and I am eating my fair share in a day. Not many people say that are at week 19 and are losing weight.

With the lack of sleep from this weekend, I am seriously considering crawling under my desk and sleeping.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week!

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