Loving and Not Loving...

I am loving that we are in week 16 of our pregnancy.
I am not loving that we have zero pictures of the belly. We are always forgetting about it.

I am loving that I have started packing for us, so my baby sis can move into our place.
I am not loving that the house we put an offer on is now going to the highest bidder. Please pray that we know what to bid, and that the Lord gives us guidance.

I am loving that we are almost done with the decorations for the gender reveal party. Just about all of our family will be there to see what Baby G is.
I am not loving that Gable’s oldest sister’s family won’t be able to make it for the party, looks like we are going to have to Skype them.

I am loving everything the Lord has blessed us with. I am so thankful for our family, friends, and baby g.
I am not loving the hard time I am having to put faith in the uncertainty of us not having a house by the time Baby G arrives. But I must put that behind me and have faith that he will provide!

I am loving that my best friend’s wedding is less than a month away! And my dress has finally come in.
I am not loving how this is fitting me. I ordered a dress 2 sizes too big to fit about my belly. My belly fits perfectly, but the top is a hot mess, I feel sorry for my seamstress!!!

I am loving how quickly the day is going.
I am not loving being behind in my schedule for work!

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