Holy Heart Burn!

I love me some spicy food, to the point I will make my stomach go incomplete knots. Just for the yummy taste. With that said I have been warned by many mommas that you can get some serious heart burn while being pregnant.

Because I know everything… that could never happen to me. I have never had heart burn before and nothing is bothering me this far in my pregnancy.

So today I was feeling like some buffalo! Tropical Smoothie here I came. With my normal order in hand I was enjoying a very yummy buffalo chicken wrap with extra buffalo sauce on the side.

Thank the LORD I eat very small portions during the day! About 15 minutes after eating the first half of my wrap I thought I was dying!!! What is this horrible feeling. I called my hubby and he explained that I was having heart burn. OMWord how do people deal with this on a daily basis?!?!?! Then my so so sweet hubby tells me to look in my purse and take the Tums that he bought me a couple of weeks age, just in case I needed them. I think after 5 years of marriage he understands that I don’t really know it all.
So thanks to my handsome hubby I am feeling so much better. But I am now sad that I must say good bye to hot sauce. Please have a moment in silence I remember all the yummy times we had together!

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