{Merry Christmas}

I pray that everyone has an amazing Christmas!

{My Ring}

I lost my engagement ring this past week.

Like a dork, I took my ring off to show a friend something on my ring. And during the exchanging of getting it back it fell. It was dark out so we pulled over into a gas station. All of us got out of the car and looked around for about an hour. We finally said lets look when it is light out, maybe we will see it better. The following day was Thanksgiving. Lindsey's dad (it was her car we were in)went out for two hours she said and could not find it. I was really starting to panic! A friend of mine works on cars and he removed the seat and some of the carpet... my ring was not in her car. As soon as I saw Jeff the tears would not stop.

One of the most upsetting things about this is...
Our sand ceremony broke, my wedding bouquet fell apart along with Jeff's boutonniere, and the wedding dressed got ripped at the reception. The only things we still have from the wedding is our wedding bands.

I miss my ring!


Thankful for Christmas

Some of the things that I am very thankful for...

My Faith: That Jesus is my Savior, and I know everlasting love through him.
My Hubby: He is so good to me and I love him so much.
My Job: I am so blessed to have a great job that I love.
My Family: I have the greatest parents a girl could ask for. And my sister is amazing.
My Friends: I have unbelievable friends, who always lift me up.


{see you soon!}

For the past couple of months my girlfriends and I were adopted into another group of friends. And out of these new friends I met Satina. After spending time with her and talking to her I now have a great friend. But she is leaving St. Pete for the time to finish college. I know I will see her soon, but it is still sad to say good bye.

Satina - I miss you!


{weekend recap - Jingle Ball Concert}

So Sunday night we went to the 933FLZ Jingle Ball Concert. What a fun time. I don't think I have ever danced so much at a concert. All of the artist were awesome, but my favorites of the night are Jason Derulo, Ke$ha, and 3oh!3. I took over 100 pictures so I am only going to post the best ones.

Jason Derulo
Sean Kingston
Jordon Sparks
The other acts were: Boys like Girls, The Fray, Iyaz and We the Kings.