What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving this movie!!! Jeff and I watched this on our date night. Such a good movie, I totally recommend it.

I'm Loving this shirt and wish I saw this in time for tomorrow! My family is German and Jeff is Canadian/German, but we LOVE St Patty's Day! Tomorrow my entire family is meeting at a local Pub, McNally's!! We are going to stuff our faces with some yummy corn beef and cabbage. Can't wait!!!

I'm Loving this wonderful yogurt!

I'm Loving this handsome husband of mine!


Miss K said...

I really liked the movie too!

I've been eating tons of yogurt lately, but I've been crunching up Nature Valley bars and putting it in them. Delicious!

AMY said...

AWESOME Blog! I'm a new follower.
Love the shirt....I'm almost Full German.
And I will definitely try that yoplait yogurt. Sounds good!
Amy's Life @

Jen said...

If you like that yogurt you need to try the blueberry pie! It is a-ma-zing!