{Loving Today!}

Today I am in a very good mood! Why do you ask....

My sweet Momma just booked my sister and I for a weekend trip in Orlando at a Disney Resort!

Disney French Quarter Resort

Tonight we are going to go see Scream 4

I HATE scary movies! Jeff, my sister and myself have watched all three this week so we could see this movie. Jeff LOVEs these movies.

My Avon Business has just taken off! Out of nowhere I had 5 new clients and orders!!!!

I have lost 6 pounds by just eating better!

Even through I had a very crappy day yesterday, I ended it with a good cocktail and a best friend to talk to.


Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Yay! Have a blast at Disney :) xoxo

Nicole said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss!!!!