Christmas - Part Three

After Christmas at my parents house J and I went home for a nap. Around 5:30 we headed to his uncles house for dinner and Chinese gift exchange. We had a blast! J ended up with $25 home depot gift card, and I got a beta fish (that J actually brought as his gift). When that was over we went to J's parents house to exchange gifts with his family. They do Christmas different then my family. They through the trash on the floor and leave it like that until the end. This may sound stupid to some people but for me, I can't stand that. I know it is Christmas, but it is a mess with two kids and eight adults.

My sweet niece Abby - I LOVE this girl so much!
"They went to Jared's" - Jenny was so funny when she opened her gift. J and I bought her a Pandora Bracelet at Jared's and when she opened it, she said that so dramatically. It was so funny!
Jeremy and Megan - I can't believe there wedding is only three months away.
John opening his Blue Ray from us.
Chris being goofy
Megan was so excited.
J and I are so blessed and thankful for all of our gifts! But I have to share my favorite thing that I got this year. Now if you read my blog you would know that we are HUGE USF Bulls fans. We have season tickets and bleed green and gold. Our super awesome brother-in-law Chris made us these USF corn hole games. Jenny said he worked on these for three weeks making them perfect! I started crying when I opened them.
After presents were opened and the kids were put to bed we sat around talking till 2:30am. Well I passed out in the guest room, cause I had a VERY long day!

Now that is all I have for Christmas updates :( I pray that everyone has a fantastic New Years! God Bless and be safe!


Ashley said...

WOW a homemade cornhole set! LOVE IT! :) My hubby tried to make a set one time and it turn out just right! :( Oh well! Your Christmas sounds like it was fabulous & busy!

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

So happy y'all had such a wonderful Christmas!! I saw in your earlier post about frost that you wish you lived up north...where?! Why?! ;) Florida is a great state!