Week Three - Recent Picture, 15 Interesting Facts About You

Sorry this is a day late :)
Recent Picture

This was taken in St. Augustine last month.

15 interesting facts... Ok I am truly not interesting enough for 15 facts.

1. I am a huge crafter!

2. I can whistle with my mouth open. I will have to take video and show you.

3. I grew up as a Navy Brat. LOVE THE NAVY!

4. I work with my mama

5. I know how to Line Dance :)

6. I was named after the Song Amy... "Amy, what you going to do. I think that I'm going to stay here with you. For awhile maybe longer if I DOOOOO".

7. I intern for the GOP during the Election time.

8. I sell Mark makeup

9. I use to be a Event Planner. I now work for a bank, but I still help out with family and friends party's.

10. I only hit parked cars. Yes, I have hit 9 cars and they were all parked! J calls me Rexie, because I am like T-Rex... I can't see non moving abjects :)

11. I hate the heat! And yes I live in Florida.

12. I can never have enough Tea!!!

13. I love to cook, but I hate it when someone else is in the kitchen trying to help me.

15. My biggest pet peeve is when people don't use there manners.

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