What I'm loving Wednesdays!

Happy Wednesday everybody. This week has been fun/ not so fun week for me. The fun part is Gable is finally home from all of his work trips!!! I am so excited to be waking up next to him, watching our shows together and just seeing his handsome face every night he comes home from work. The not so fun part is he came home sick... and got me sick. The even worse part is my midwife wont give me anything to take. So I stayed home the past two days and slept! Today I am starting to feel like myself again. You just got to love flu and cold season.

This weekend I made organic applesauce (heaven). It is so delicious.

I have also started getting the decoration together for the Gender Reveal Party. We have our appointment on Feb 9th, and want to tell both of our families at the same time. So that Saturday we are having a dinner at my parents house and then revealing what Baby G is! Gable and I both think Baby G is a girl, but if we are blessed with a boy instead we will still be more then excited!!!

I have been looking at things that we need to register for. We know that Babies r Us will be the main place we register and then the bedding will be from Pottery Barn Kids. This first time momma could use some help! What are some things that you really recommend to be put on the registry, and what are some items that I shouldn't even register for.

The last thing that I am really loving this Wednesday is we have signed up for our Bradley classes. I can't wait! Sadly Gable will be out of town for some of them, but my momma will be at those classes.

Wise men store up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool invites ruin. Proverbs 10:14


Venessa said...

That applesauce looks delish!

Some baby things that we used the most were- the swing(it saved us so many nights especially in the beginning), the bouncy seat, lots of burp cloths, bibs, wash cloths. Our babe hated being swaddled but I hear they are really good to have. She also didnt like the baby carrier because she didnt like being confined but I really loved the Moby Wrap we had. We used the boppy pillow and bumbo seat a ton too. Register for lots of teething toys for when baby is ready to chew on anything he/she can get their hands on. And I would recommend having a diaper raffle at your shower...we didnt buy diapers for about 6 months! Well we did have to buy premie ones for about 3 weeks but none of us would have guessed we would have needed those!

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask me more specific questions if you have them!

Victoria said...

nice loves :)

cute blog!

Alyssa said...

Homemade applesauce sounds so delicious! Yum!!!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

it's always nice to have the hubs home :)

That applesauce looks SO good... what a good idea!