What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Family Dinner - J and I just started this. We use to eat dinner in the living room and watch a tv show, but now we eat at our table and talk about our day.
Crafting! - I have been working really hard getting things I need to get done for the etsy site that my best friends and I are opening. This is my stress reliever.
Budgeting - We are only on week two of our budget, but it is going great! Every time I want to buy something I just think about my dream home, and I put the object down.
Memory Lane - I am organizing all of our pictures so that I can start scrapbooking again. I just found pictures of a trip that I totally forgot about.
Fawny's new hair cut - I will have to post a picture of it later. She is a persian and loves it when she is shaved, but she looks ridicules until it grows out a bit. I cant look at with her without laughing.

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Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

we have always eaten dinner at the table and I highly recommend it-you'll be so glad! Love crafting, too, but the budget thing stresses me out. We recently met with a financial planner to discuss our finances and it rattled me :/. Some things must be done, though. Hope you have a blessed weekend! xoxo