Weekend Recap

This weekend was crazy for J and I.

Friday was my best friend Lindsey's birthday. We celebrated her turning 25 by having a potluck dinner and playing spoons (Our groups favorite game!). Lindsey received 5 new Pandora charms for her bracelet. Sadly J and I had to arrive to her birthday dinner late because J had a Board Meeting that he couldn't get out of. But when we got there we had a blast. We are so blessed to have amazing friends.

Saturday was a very relaxing morning for us. J went to work out and I worked on things for the Etsy site. That night we went to Dans house (BFF's BF) and had dinner and played games. Dan's BFF and is sweet girl friend (Damon and Steph) were there as well. We had so much fun playing Loaded Questions. We were actually laughing so loud that the neighbor asked us to be keep it down. We felt so bad about that. After the third game was over we looked at the clock and realized that is was 2 am! I could not believe how late it had gotten. J and I had a very long drive home so we left.

Sunday we were so tired that we didn't wake up in time for Church, so I made J orange juice and me coffee and we watch Church online. After church was over J went to work out and I cleaned the house. Then we went to another friends house to watch the football game. We had so much fun at R.C. and Erin's house. They have two of the CUTEST kids and we played with them more then watching the game. I can't wait to be blessed with having kids. After the first game was over we decided to head home (long drive). J rented Iron Man 2... it was OK. I don't remember a lot of the first movie, so I didn't really follow it.

That was our weekend recap. I pray that everyone has a wonderful week! God Bless!!!

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