Remember the HERO's

Today in St. Petersburg Florida is a very sad day. At 11:00am, a funueral will start to remember two fallen hero's of St. Pete. SGT. Tom Baitinger and OFC. Jeffrey Yaslowitz. They were killed on Monday while serving a warrant at a home in south (that very bad area). According to police reports, Officer Jeff Yaslowitz, 39, and Sergeant Thomas Baitinger, 48, went to the home to serve Hydra Lacy Jr. with a warrant for his arrest. Lacy was wanted on charges of aggravated battery stemming from domestic violence. The officers, along with a U.S. Marshal, were shot by Lacy, who was hiding in his attic.
Last night was hard for J and I. We live next door the church that they are having the funeral at. Last night all we could hear was helicopters, testing of the sound system, and Police sirens. I actually broke down crying at one point. My heart is breaking for these families! I could not imagine my husband leaving for work and never returning. So I ask that today when you see a cop say Thank You! When you come home to your loves tell them that you love them. And to my blogging family, please pray for the officers family and friends. Thank you and I love y'all!


Paige said...

Thank you for posting this. I work in law enforcement and my boyfriend is a police officer. Sometimes sadly these are the forgotten heros. The war on officers has become HUGE in the past week - praying that it ends very soon.

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

So sad! How great that they are being honored, though. That flag is incredible. Praying for their families! xoxo