Friday Questions

1. What is your favorite piece of Jewelry?
My wedding band. Every time I look at it I remember the day that I became Mrs Gable. I remember our ceremony and how much the Lord has truly blessed me.

2. The thing you love the most about your hubby?
Now I could go on forever about the Love of my life, but I will keep it short and simple. I love that he lets me be me! I love that he makes me smile, even when I am upset at him. I love that he loves my family like there were his own blood. I love that he is a true man of God. I love him!

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
When people are eating out of a yogurt cup and the scraping of the spoon. I can't stand that noise!

4. If you had super powers what would it be?
I think I would want to read everyones thoughts. Kind of like Edward from Twilight (Big dork!). But I would be able to turn my power off whenever I wanted to.

5. What do you love about your best friend(s)?
I have the best grouping of girl friends....
Barby, Lindsey, and Kim... I have been best friends with them sense freshman year of high school. But it did not start out that way :) Lindsey and I met in the 8th grade (and we went to the same church), she thought I was a brat. I only talked to certain people, but I was in a brand new school and a brand new town. Our freshman year we had Chemistry Class and sat next to each other. After talking we became instant friends! Enters Barby, Lindsey and Barby were best friends sense the 2nd grade, so that was a little intimidating. But when Barby and I met it was like two peas in a pod (I love her!). After that we were just always together :) Enters Kim... Kim and I had a ruff start. We were both in band together and for some reason just did not like each other. She was a year younger then I was. After awhile I found out she was good friends with Lindsey... I had no idea that was the same Kim that she was always talking about. We were nice to each other but not really friends, until after I graduated from High School. She was now a senior and I was a freshman in College. After she got out of school, she would meet us at the beach and hang out. I am not sure when it happened but out of nowhere Kim and I just started getting really close. And now she is one of my closets friends. It's funny how life and people change.

Nicole.... Mrs Young and I were Navy Brats together. Our dads was on the same ship and our mommas became best friends/ support systems. In my family it was just Aj and me, Nicole's family was a total of four kids, so when we would get the entire group together it was like one big happy family. We were together a ton, and Nicole was actually our baby sitter. She is only two years older then myself. Her dad retired and moved the family to Louisiana, and my dad retired the Navy and we moved to Florida. Our parents kept in touch but the kids really didn't. About three years ago out of the blue Nicole and I just started emailing each other. We now email or text each other everyday. I know if I EVER need her, she would drop everything to be by my side. I love our friendship and how much it has grown.

Now to answer the question, the thing I love the best about my best friends.... They are all there for me when I need a hand, they make me laugh and feel good about myself, they encourage me and make me a better person. I love these girls with all of my heart and I feel so blessed that they are in my life!

I hope everyone has a wonderful three day weekend. Let me know if you anwser these questions, I would love to read your answers! God Bless!

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