What I am loving this Wednesday...

I am loving the new show on TLC called Craft Wars. I like to believe that I am somewhat craft savvy but these ladies would put me to shame!
 I am loving that we survived Tropical Storm Debby! Does anyone else think that is a horrible name for a Tropical Storm... she should have been named Debra. Debby makes me think of the Little Debby Cakes, those aren't scray.

I am loving that we are going to Lake City this weeked to celebrate my nephews 10th birthday (I think he was six here but I am working off another computer). He is getting so big and so so so smart!!!

I am loving that TODAY is my daddy's birthday!!!! I can't wait to give him the gift that Gable and I found for him. He is going to love it, and I can't believe that I am the one getting it for him.

I am loving that this handsome hubby is flying home today. And I am loving even more that he doesn't have another business trip planned till late August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Liz said...

I forgot that Craft Wars came on last night..... I missed it!