Some of the things that I am loving this week...

This Sunday is Father's day!!!! I have a cute gift to give Gable for his first Father's day. Caleb has no idea how lucky he is that Gable is his daddy. And I also get to spend some time with my amazing daddy.

I have started scrapbooking again. It feels so good to get my creative juices flowing. I ordered some photos and will have to show you my pages when I get done with them.

This Saturday Gable and I are having a date day. He has promised me that I get him with no work interfering, no iPad on, nothing. Just him and me the entire day, I can't wait. So we have planned to go to the beach during the day and layout/ swim/ maybe play frisbee. And then that night we are going to a local beach restaurant to see the sun set. 

And you will rarely hear me say this but Go Gators!!! My cousin plays baseball for UF and they are in the College World Serious. So make sure to route for them!

I am also loving the giveaway Miss Southern Prep is having. Lets cross our fingers and hope I win!!!

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Miss Southern Prep said...

That sounds like the perfect date night, I hope it was wonderful! Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for the giveaway shout-out!

P.S. Thanks for your sweet prayers, it really means a lot to me!