Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday was my daddy’s birthday, and we celebrated it in typical Schoenberger style… the Boat, The American Legion, and some cocktails (NA cocktails for yours truly!). Before we met up with my sister, uncle and aunt I wanted to give daddy his birthday gift.

Gable and I got him a Tervis Tumbler with his NASCAR’s Drivers number on it. #18 Kyle Bush… I can’t stand his driver (I think he is a whiny jerk), so he was very surprised that I bought this for him. It was pretty hard not to give him my driver’s number (Go Carl Edwards!!!). He LOVED his gift and immediately washed it out so he could make his first birthday drink in it.
 Sitting outside on the water with our family (minus Gable... his plane was stuck in NYC)

 My uncle and aunt got him a new walkie/ radio for his boat.
We had so much at my daddy birthday dinner. I laughed so hard that my belly was starting to hurt and tears where running down my checks. I am so thankful for my family!

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