Today is Wednesday!!!! Gable and I have our Bradley class tonight and we are starting to go over the birth plan. I am so thankful I have Gable as my coach! We are going to rock this delivery... yippy!

Linking to This Kind of Love

I am loving the double monitors that I just got at work! Yes my desk is crazy, but I don’t mind.

I am loving that when I walked outside yesterday this is what Gable was doing. I was laughing so hard and had to take a picture. Boys will be boys, and this is giving me a small glimpse into what I am in for with Caleb

I am loving my furry babies, they are just the sweeties kids ever!

I am loving that Caleb is healthy and growing perfectly… with that said I am not crazy saying good bye to my feet.

I am loving that Gable has Skype on his new iPad and I can see my sister in law, nephew and niece more often.

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