Let me take you on a little tour...

So Gable and I are in love with our new home. It still feels like a dream, like we are on vacation and have to leave this little piece of heaven on earth. Maybe it will finally hit us when we bring our baby boy home.

But besides absolutely loving the new pad we have noticed we few cons. This is to be expected with any new purchase. Like 1) you wake up not wanting to go into work. It takes me about 30 extra minutes to get ready cause I just get sidetracked from the water. And I swear there are days when I feel a cough coming on, and needing to use a sick day. 2) As soon as we arrive home, we are on our back porch till the sun goes down. Gable will bring out his guitar; I sit with my feet up reading a book. Then when it is time to go in, we walk into the house and not get any chores done, because it is bedtime. 3) We had a two year goal to buy a boat in cash, after we purchase new furniture for the inside… that is now changing do to our boat lift feeling very alone. Looks like date nights are cancelled and allowances have been lowered so we can get our little boat.

But even with all of these horrible cons, we are still loving the place.

The house is all unpacked and I will slowly take you on a tour of each room. Asking for decorating suggestion, showing you the plans we have for each room, so on and so forth. I am going to call it Let me take you on a tour, so come back and see our wonderful new home!

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Miss K said...

so exciting! i'm so glad you love your home!!