Let me take you on a little tour… Our front Porch.

I have always loved a house that is so inviting when you walk up to the front door. Some flowers planted a lovely wreath and a nice door mat.

Because our paint on the house is darker (than I would like) I wanted to have the wreath and flowers that would pop out at you. My wreath cost less than $8… thank you Michaels coupons and several trips. I just took two bunches of white daisies, I bunch of the taller white flowers (not sure what they are called), a grape wine wreath, and an already painted white letter G. That project maybe took me 20 minutes to complete. I had prearranged the wreath and took a photo to see if I liked the set up, then took everything off and hot glued it. For my first outdoor wreath I will pat myself on the back on a job well done.

The next project took a bit longer than I was originally had planned. The previous owner left us the larger clay pot, and I had to purchase the other two. Instead of buying clay pottery paint I wanted to save money and use my regular paint, then finish it off with a sealer. I had all that and it was one less thing I had to purchase. Now for the reason it took longer… the paint just kept getting soaked into the clay pots. I might have about 8 coats of paint on each. But I still think it came out great and was very budget friendly. I think this project cost me $12 with the flowers. Although my original idea for this was something else… I was going to stack the pots like you see here.

But we have a larger area that needed to be filled and I scratched it. Maybe one day I will attempt this look, but I might want to do it for the back yard. My great uncle makes these little planter friends. I think he is just the cutest thing!

Our rug was the cheapest part of the project… I had this from the condo so it didn’t cost anything. I am hoping to get a newer one soon, but will wait till after the summer when they go on sale.
Eventually, I would like to add a rocking chair and a small table to the front porch. Then everything that is painted brown on the house be painted white. I think that would look better with the green on the house, and would make it look a little more coastal (we are on the water and need to fit the part). But that will have to be down the road.

Now looking at these photos we need to pressure wash this area!

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Mrs. Bear said...

I love your front porch! I especially love all of your DIY decorations :)