What I'm Loving...

I hope everyone is loving this Wednesday as much as I am. Why you ask that this is such a good week... well let me tell you!

I married this good looking man! I am so blessed to have him and being called Mrs. Gable!!!

I am loving that we finally have a name for our sweet baby boy!!! Caleb James Gable! His first name is from the bible and his middle name is from my loving father and one of my favorite people in the world, my grandfather. I just wish he was still around to have met little Caleb James.

I am also loving that we have his nursery room decor decided on. We went with this from Pottery Barn Kids. I can't wait till after the shower and have it all set up!

I am loving that Gable's sister, husband and kids are coming down for the weekend!

I am loving that we might not have to miss our yearly scalloping trip. Our group pushed it back to late August, so Mr. Caleb will only be one month old. Gable and I are going to get our own little place near the group so Caleb doesn’t wake everyone up at night, but we still will be able to hang out with the group a ton. I can’t wait!!!

I am loving these girls! We have been besties since 9th grade, and they are amazing!!!

I am also loving that my dearest friend has been going through IVF. Yesterday the retrieved some of her eggs and will hopefully have a baby very soon. She (keeping her name quite) is such an inspirational person and will truly make the best mommy! Please keep her in your prayers!!!!


Anonymous said...

Stopping in from the link up! Great post, lots of great loves!

Zara said...

Beautiful name! I love it!