Weekend Recap - Warrior Dash

This past weekend we drove up to Lake City so Gable could run in the Warrior Dash. Our team dressed in Toga’s and were the only team dresses that way. Where ever they walked you would here people chanting Toga Toga Toga. The weather was horrible for their run of the race; they had harsh rain, thunder and scary lightning. But that didn’t affect our group of manly men and brave ladies. Next year I will be running in the race, and after you see the pictures of them you can just see how much fun they had!

They look so clean in these photo's!

This was the only part of the race we could see.

My very handsome warrior!

Now Chris and Gable are training for the Tough Muder in Tampa. That is what Chris wants to do for his 40th birthday, and Gable can't let a fellow do it alone! That race will make the Warrior Dash look like a walk in the park.

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