this week is going by so slow.

i think that always happens when you

exciting things going on that weekend!

i am addicted to tory burch shoes. my lovie bought me a pair for

birthday and it has become a slippery slope. i just showed him these

beauties for a christmas gift idea.

i love watches, and have been looking for a new brown one.

well thanks to avon i found it.

it wraps around. real leather. for only $30.00. sold!

we are in need of a non seasonal wreath at the gable house.

this one is going to be a winner. but with a darling "g".

i have a couple of months before needing it,

but i might make it this weekend.

this thursday gable and i are driving to gainsville to

see one of our favorite bands needtobreathe.

if you have never heard of them then i recommend you listen

to the new album.

you won't be disappointed.

{keep up in prayers for travel mercies, the concert get over at

11pm and it is a long drive for us to go home}

i hope everyone has a great weekend.


Amy G. said...

I'm a new follower! I found you on WILW since you're name is Amy and you were next to my post! After reading your post, I also realize that you're Amy G. too! I love those Tory Burch wedges, I got my first pair of flats a few months ago and I'm in love! The wreath is a cute idea too!

Victoria said...

i LOVE needtobreathe! have a great,safe trip :)

Mrs. Bear said...

I LOVE Tory Burch... and those wedges. I want some as well! I only own Revas and flip flops.