Thanksgiving Cruise

I have so many things to be thankful for.

my heavenly father.

my health.

my handsome hubby.

my wonderful family.

my furr babies.

my amazing friends.

my job.

This year my parents wanted to take us on a cruise. I could not think of a better way to spend time with your family. No emails, work, texts, facebook. It was hard not being with Gable's parents, but we saw them a couple days before we left. The cruise left on Thanksgiving from Tampa. My family has been on this ship 3 times, this cruise route 4 times, and Cozumel 6 times. (We love to vacation by cruising)

The family on Daddy and Mommas balcony. They had the most incredible room. Walk in closet, large balcony, couch, chairs, fridge, flat screen, jacuzzi tube.

After a very long morning everyone was relaxing and getting into cruise mode.

I napped.

Our first night on the cruise we had a traditional Thanksgiving meal. But it was not really our style. Our meal was very northern. We are use to Southern cooking!

The next morning we went to play miniature golf (not very easy on a moving ship), and train dominoes.

Formal Night was a blast. Sadly the dress I brought had a malfunction with the zipper. So dress pants was my next option.

This was going to be our Christmas card, but another photo was taken and become the best photo of the cruise. I will have to post that in a couple of weeks.

My dear sweet handsome Hubby is going to kill me for posting this! Gable is a ham, always making people laugh. Well the photographers on the ships take thousands of photos. Gable was playing around and this photo was created. Whenever I look at this photo I just laugh. So naturally I purchased it. Gable's face was stunned when it was mine. This is going at my desk! I love you my Sweet hubby!


We did some shopping, drinking and eating.

They are so cute!

I think this was the favorite part of the day for them.

My parent recently went to Alaska with their friends, small world... the ship they went on was also in Cozumel.

Like I said he is a ham!

If you are ever planning on Cozumel in the near future. This is the place you have to go. Senior Frogs is old news!!! This place is the best.

Olof (the best waiter ever) came out with our drink like this.

He needed help getting them off his head (so the girl with a dress on a very windy days has to get on the chair to help).

The view from our table.

After lunch we went across the way for Fat Tuesdays for a frosty beverage.

I have no words for my daddy!

Cozumel was a great time. The rest of the trip we were having such a good time that we didn't to many photos.

I am so blessed! Thank you so much Daddy and Momma for taking us on this trip. We will never forget the fun times that we shared together!

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